missing 60yo in tararuas

watch your comments please, people who know this gent may be reading this thread... hoping that he is still OK and comes out in good health... The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has joined the search for a 60-year-old man missing in the Tararua Range. Police said the man started a four-day tramp in the mountain range north of Wellington on Thursday, January 31 and was due home on Sunday. Incident controller Senior Constable Pete Cunningham said a ground search of tracks and huts started on Tuesday and would continue on Wednesday. Defence Force Air Component Commander Commodore Tim Walshe said a Royal New Zealand Air Force NH90 helicopter had been brought in to help with the search on Wednesday afternoon. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/110408173/defence-force-joins-search-to-find-60yearold-man-missing-in-tararua-range
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No PLB? I wonder how the word got out, cell? I'd be surprised if he was in range where he was - or did SAR spot him & find him? I do a lot of solo walking and there's no way I'd go out now without a PLB.
reported overdue. in a mountain river valley there is zero cell reception
A similar sequence as what would probably have happened 20 years ago, with plans left and intentions recorded in hut books and carrying of shelter, etc, although a PLB obviously would have been preferable.
I'm guessing he may be a member on here?
He was headed to Carkeek hut, via McGregor spur and Park forks got lost on was down, ended in Dorset creek and went down stream and decided to head to mid waiohine I met him on McGregor spur, on the Thursday. must have gone off the route after that good result, as searches were perplexed why they hadn't seen him in the creek/river beds, after 4 nights in open
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@Gaiters, I hope nobody here does what he does without PLB, unless you're one of those who don't want to be rescued. If you want to be rescued, take the Search out of the Rescue folks! Many of them are volunteers and have jobs and families.
If anyone have facebook I strongly suggest to go and see the "Wairarapa search and rescue" page. They are showing the video of the rescue of this man. And they showing as well that they use thermal imaging to spot out people in dangerous situations. Worth a view trust me.
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The RNZAF allocates flying time for training & search operations are useful for this,plus the co-ordination benefit with Police & SAR personel.Hope there's a good result for his family.
The Waiohine is one river I would not like to spend too much time walking around in. Its gorgy and/or deep in places. Plus, its a very long way, on the map, between Dorset Creek and Mid-Waiohine hut. Great result in the end though
Just another update in the facebook page LANDSAR new zeland. They showing a video of search and rescue team on top of the ranges with an atrocious wind while they were looking this guy.
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