Vehicle parking at The Divide shelter

I have not visited the Eglinton/Hollyford areas for many decades, so I am out of touch with what facilities are available for short or long-term parking at The Divide. As it is a starting point for many popular walks, including a "Great" Walk (Routeburn), the Greenstone / Caples tracks, and the popular short sight-seeing walk to Key Summit, I imagine that no matter how much parking is provided by DOC it will still be in short supply at times in peak season. My partner and I intend visiting the lower Hollyford in early March, for about a week, based at Gunn's Camp, visiting their museum and trying out various day walks and maybe a two or three day tramp in that area, including some walks starting at The Divide. Apart from the general issue of space available for the number of vehicles wanting to use the car park at popular times, there are two worries I have in particular. (1) Security. Is it generally regarded as a safe place to leave a vehicle? I would imagine there would be no problem parking there while on a short day trip, but is overnight parking advisable and permitted? (2) Vehicle size: We will not actually be travelling by car but by bus - no, not public transport, but in a 7m long Nissan Civilian fitted out as a camper. We do not, it must be stated, intend to camp overnight At The Divide in the bus but merely want to park it there unattended - as one would a car - while doing day walks and also, if feasible, the occasional over-night trip. Is it going to be a problem parking or maneuvering such a vehicle, or is there plenty of space? If not feasible, we would start the tramp at Gunn's or else arrange to be dropped off at The Divide. I will start a separate thread asking questions relating to various tracks from Gunn's or the lower Hollyford road especially those rising to the Routeburn track.
Hi. Divide carpark has plenty of space for parking, may pay to still get there early in peak season. Buses are in and out regularly, imagine maneuvering is ok. Security I would think is reasonable, but as you know always some risk.
Heaps of room at the Divide, but if you are worried either get their early in the morning, or later in the afternoon and wait... theres always a slow but steady trickle of vehicles coming and going so a park will free up. Never herd of problems with security there. Its a long way from anywhere so no bored teens/hoodlums and probably 97% of vehicles there belong to tourists who don't want their own rentals broken into. Give DOC Te Anau a ring for more info, or maybe the police in Te Anau. DOC Te Anau has a car park outside their office where you can leave a vehicle, but its "all care, no responsibility", and to be honest, you're more likely to be broken into in town then in the middle of nowhere at the Divide.
Thank you, all who have contributed to this thread. I feel somewhat reassured by your replies to my concerns.

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Started by antico
On 3 February 2019
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