Rescue at kahurangi

Interesting how things can go wrong even for expert people.
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I think the "keep your PLB on your person" rule is one of those rules that is great and makes perfect sense in theory. However, in reality it is, at least for me, entirely impractical. The shirts I tramp in have no pockets and several pairs of shorts I use also don't. The shorts that do have pockets are not deep enough to fit my PLB in and I would be much more likely to loose it in a fall from them than I would loose my whole pack. Given the amount of off track travel I do having some form of arm pocket/harness is just asking to have it ripped off. I used to have something like this for my GPS but ditched it after nearly losing my GPS while climbing out of the Stillwater in Fiordland. That would leave as mentioned some form of under your clothing body harness, which, as far as I am aware doesn't exist and I would be wary of trying to then fit a pack over comfortably. My situation is not helped as I have an old GME unit which by today's standards is rather bulky. (It is due for replacement in a couple of years) So, long story short, my PLB will stay in my pack where it always has been. Heading into the great outdoors you will always encounter a level of risk. I will do what I can to minimise that risk but sometimes practicality needs to come first.
my plb has a lanyard attached to it, you can just put it under your shirt...
Interesting @waynowski. What do you attached the lanyard to? Your person somewhere I assume? Neck? Might be something to look in to when I get a smaller model.
neck, theres a soft case for it that lets you attach it on to a belt or strap with webbing straps
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