Hammock use on the Rees-Dart

Hi all, first time posting. I will be on the Rees-Dart Track with Canadian high school students in later March 2019. Here in British Columbia, Canada I sleep in a hammock tent as much as I can and I'm wondering if it will be possible to do so on the R-D? Thank you for your assistance. Barry
You're above the tree line for your first hut. Possibly the next 3 will work, but how will you cope with the sandflies?
I think there is enough vegetation near enough to each hut to provide for a hammock.
Berend my hammock comes with an integrated bug net. https://ca.hennessyhammock.com/products/explorer-ultralite-asym-classic Thank you guys
Hammocks arent used a lot by trampers in NZ - I have heard of at least one person locally who has started using one however. It may be something that gets more popular here as we catch on more to the pros and cons of it. Generally, if we dont stay in huts, we tent, bivvy or fly outside.
I love laying in a hammock underneath a pohutukawa tree by the beach sipping a beer. But I can't sleep in them. Too uncomfortable to sleep in as I'm a front/side sleeper.
There's definitely trees close to each hut, be sure to use soft straps on our nice old beech trees. I've got a Hennessy hammock, but I tend to use huts. I love huts. I once slept in the hammock in a torrential downpour on the Routeburn. That was a wet night! But I stayed dry. Have fun.
Thanks all. I get the best night sleep in my hammock even sleeping on my side. If you sleep on an angle to the centre line (upper body on one side of the CL and your feet on the other) your body flattens out pretty good. I use straps that are best for trees, ropes are not. The distance of the trees, and not using trees that have branches to the base, will be the key factor. I may give it a try and use the hut, tarp only (bug dependent) and/or another team members tent as a back-up. I have used my hammock as a bivy bag on a beach once so that's a possible back-up as well.

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Started by BCbear
On 29 January 2019
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