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Hi all - Im not a lightweight fiend but I am currently on a bit of a mission to get my gear weight & size down (balancing weight with durability and being sensible overall). Plus I am sick of the fact that my Macpac pack weights 3kg. I dont really want to get into a debate about the pros and cons of making your gear lighter - but am more interested in if anyone has bought, or knows people that have bought a ULA pack from the states. They seem to me to be a great balance between weight, comfort, durability and capacity. Their customer service is reputedly very good and Chris from ULA emailed me to say that they regularly send packs to NZ, so people here are buying them. None of the packs that I am looking at locally have the features I want. The only problem with the ULA packs is getting them into NZ will end up being over the $400 GST threshold. See the packs here (no affiliation by the way): https://www.ula-equipment.com/product/catalyst/#reviews
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I don't know about ULA but I have a Gossamer Gear pack (marisopia 60) and love it. I used to have a first gen Aarn which was awesome but I eventually got sick of the weight. The GG pack wasn't cheap, I had to order the hip belt seperatly to avoid the dreaded GST. I was impressed enough that I have just ordered a second one in size medium for my wife and\or son. The GG packs size the pack (back length) and hip belt (waste measurement) seperatly so you get a the right fit. Highly reccomended.
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Started by si-dog
On 24 January 2019
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