Dusky Track

Hi I really would like to do the Dusky Track. Is there anyone doing it next week where I could join or is interested in doing it too so we could create a group? I'll be around Te Anau in the next couple of days. Cheers Pascal
You could get hold of the guy that transports you over Lake Hauroko, assuming you were starting there, and see if he has any bookings, then go on that day.
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I contacted the transport guy and he told me that 3 groups where leaving for Dusky Track on Monday. He couldn't give me any contact data because of privacy what I completely understand. He meant it would be safe doing it alone if there are other groups hiking it too. Maybe I also could join any group when I'm on my way to it's start. Do you think it's safe doing it alone if other groups are around ?
Depends on your confidence, skills and if you have the right gear and a PLB. There will more than likely be other people that you pass during the day and there should be other people in the huts at night.
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People on long distance, isolated tramps tend to be pretty friendly in my experience. If you ask, at least one of the groups should be happy for you to tag along with them. You should definitely carry your own PLB and all your own gear, and have a map, and know where you are going each day.
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cheers guys for your inputs. Everything is prepared and I'm going to start tomorrow. Looking forward to this adventure :)
thank you so much guys for your inputs. it was such an awesome adventure and we were very lucky with the weather ! I stayed two nights at Lake Roe Hut and climbed up to Tamatea Peak (1640m). What an amazing view up there: https://o2o.s-it.ch/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DSC02580.jpg https://o2o.s-it.ch/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DSC02594.jpg
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@Pascal.CH awesome pictures! How many days did you spend on the track?
@giuseppe23 it took us 8 days to complete. no delays because of flooding. it was really awesome up there !

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Started by Pascal.CH
On 23 January 2019
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