Camping near huts advise please!

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It’s very interesting to read all these things about the freedom camping laws. Just to ask a really basic question in regards to camping. I know it says that the freedom camping rule doesn’t apply to back country tramping which is great. But in terms of the socially acceptable among trampers, would it be weird or frowned upon to camp in a tent near a hut sight. I know people often tent next to a hut if it’s full or for other reasons but the particular situation I’m thinking of is a hut where a few hundred metres away there is a river and over the river a beautiful flat clearing where I’m thinking would be a perfect place to set up for a night. Would this be something doable without looking disrespectful and stupid. Also would I have to pay for a hut ticket if I am only camping near the hut (but using the toilet facility)? If it’s not already obvious I am new to this site and also a born again tramper. I did a lot of tramping with girl guides and with the duke of Edinburgh award scheme so I’m taking it up again and I’m truely excited. Looking forward to getting to interact with like minded people on this site :)
Not at all weird, connierose. My strong preference is for sleeping in my tent. I'll use the hut facilities for cooking, socialising, toileting and maybe sleeping if the weather is seriously bad. There's not much better than a tent beside a stream, imo. (excluding great walk huts and other booked huts) To camp at/near a serviced hut (using the facilities) costs 1 standard hut ticket (currently $5). Standard huts and all bivs are free to camp.
Not sure how near you have to be to pay the $5 fee, but if you are near enough to use facilities other than the bath room, i.e. you're sitting inside for your meals, use water, then it's probably the $5 ticket. Or $10 if you camp near Angelus hut for example.
Just to add that tent dwellers should bury their waste 30 metres or so away from any creek.Plastic trowels are light & cheap & staying out of the hut often means immunity from farters & snorers.The big plus for me is partly safety,I don`t have to cross a swollen stream, and the benefit of picking where you hove to for the night.
Great walks . You can only camp at designated campsites and aren't supposed to use the huts. Although in severe weather rangers have sometimes relaxed the rules at their discretion. Similar for bookable can't otherwise camp within 200m of a great walk. In fiordland its 500m..
I prefer sleeping in a tent and instead use the hut facilities and all for cooking, socialising and at last for sleeping if at all the weather conditions didn't permit at all.
I usually just buy the hut ticket where I plan on camping because many people don't comply with purchasing tickets, so I try to contribute when I can for the idiots who skim the system, plus I will likely use the toilets, water sources, maybe cook inside, etc...
I get the annual Backcountry Hut Pass. Except for Great Walk huts in season, and a few random others, it's job done for 12 months. Hut it, pitch a tent, doesn't matter. 😎

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Started by Connierose
On 18 January 2019
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