Myestery Kaimai/Mamakui huts...

Been looking on hut bagger and see these huts: Mangaroa Hut -37.928449 175.930437 Crow Hut (Opuiaki Hut) Lat/Long: -37.939648 175.965695 I checked if these are on private land, and are on DOC land but are not obviously listed on DOC's site. One of the huts is very close to a boundary of private land however. Was wondering if they might have been been something to do with Ngatuhoa Lodge??? I dont see any tracks leading to them on the topo maps, although i see there are a few tracks to many DOC huts not showing on topo maps either. Im expecting there must be some tracks cut that lead to these huts, but finding them is the question. Anyway, looking at the satellite imagery on google earth seems to show the huts. Then to top things off there is another hut simply marked as "hut" on the topo map a bit further north. Again, no tracks showing, but its co-ordinates on the map are: -37.9563118,175.9752510 If anyone knows the name of this hut or where access is found to any of the above, i would be interested to know.
The "hut" on the current topo50 maps was marked as Waipapa Hut on older topo maps. can be a useful tool I haven't been able to find any other info but would be keen to hear anything you come across.
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This appears to be the hut here:,101492235p cant find any information on it or how to get there, seems to be pre-fabed and dropped in by chopper. Would love to find more info on the other two huts too
Looks like some info on Mangaroa. They are close to Ngatahoa and on the same river but I dont think they are part of the lodge,36462979p
The Mangaroa hunting block/Otupua stream referenced in those links seem to be a different location in Kaimanawa/Kaweka area. Hiwiroa is about 3km south of Waipapa Hut.
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yes i came across those links also when doing research, they are different huts in a different area.
bumping if anyone else knows about these.
Crow Hut is a workers' hut used by DOC staff and contractors undertaking pest control and wildlife surveys. It is basically a big fridge with minimal light and air :) Access to the track start shown on topo maps is through private land with locked gates. 4WD the last 5-6km to the roadend. You would need to contact Ngatuhoa Lodge to arrange access. There is a good baitline/trapline network at Opuiaki set up to protect the kĊkako.
Waipapa Hut & Crow Hut are both pre-fabricated flyable 'big fridge' type huts, with the former actually located south of where it is shown on older maps. Both huts are used by bio-diversity teams (predominantly bats & NI Kokako). There is an extensive network of bait-lines & trapping lines on the Mamaku plateau, broken into 3 zones; west, middle & east. There are 'access' tracks too. The bird life is prolific. Unsure re Mangaroa Hut as it is outside the 'zones'.

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Started by BOP Tramper
On 17 January 2019
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