Aquatabs and cryptosporidium

Up to now i just boil my water, but want to save weight on fuel and aquatabs are the most lightweight water treatment. Have just learned that they are not effective against cryptosporidium, which is news to me, as i thought they killed everything. Anyway, how common is cryptosporidium in NZ? I typically tramp around the kaimais and most my mates say its safe enough to drink without treatment in most parts up there, but i am always on the safe side. Im assuming the risk is higher if the streams pass through farms etc? Should i be worried or look for a better treatment option?
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Easiest water purification system I've found is the Sawyer mini filters. Less than 60 gm. Screw on the end of a water bottle and squeeze into a cup, mouth or other water bottle. I don't treat water in the real back country, but find it useful when cycling or walking in not quite the back country where streams might have stock in them.
usual problem places are where thers livestock upriver, or its a very heavily used track with very small water courses... some older huts there could be issues if the top of the tank is open, an animal gets in and dies in the tank
@bernieq Sorry, I wasn't clear enough in my post above. The "aquatabs" that were being talked about has the active ingredient sodium dichloroisocyanurate. This is the slow release Cl- molecule, that I was talking about. Slow release Cl- molecules are fine as a household/desktop disinfectant, but lousy as an orally taken "medicinal disinfectant" (for want of a better phrase) as, like I said, they get neutralised as they leave your stomach by the pancreas. Cryptosporidium is quite resiliant to Cl- so the best way to treat for it is to boil, use a UV light, or a filter.
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On 15 January 2019
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