NZ Flora and Fauna books

Hi there, The more I am out in the bush, the more I want to know what I'm looking at. Can anyone recommend some handy reference books for either NZ flora or NZ fauna. Kind of keen on something I can throw in my pack and drag out when I take a scroggin break. Otherwise, something I can keep at home and look at when I get home would be good too. Thanks A
Don't take a book. Use the [inaturalist app]( Join the [NZ inaturalist community](
Thanks for the suggestion Berend, I certainly learn better from books than computer screens, but I will download that app and have a crack anyway. I prefer to leave my phone off while I'm on the track as well, so book suggestions are still appreciated.
My knowledge was transformed when I started using the app and joined the community. For suggestions: "Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest" by John Dawson and Rob Lucas. And "Which Native Fern" by Andrew Crowe.
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Started by M400-1
On 5 January 2019
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