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@Berend de Boer. Clicked on your name but the page with the 'mail' won't load. Hi. Blue Lake is a main thoroughfare for pilgrims & TA walkers. It gets busy along that track. Lake Angelus requires booking, otherwise they may make you pay double. There are a few designated camp sites that are cheaper. They INSIST you use hut facilities while tenting, to preserve the environment. If you didn't already know, there are 2 lakes side by side. The hut draws water from the larger, but you can swim/bathe in the smaller. You can also swim at the jetty at Sabine Hut. You might get phone reception from the jetty, depending on which telco you use. It's also Wasp Central; Using the toilet can be dicing with death. Speargrass gets a lot of traffic also as it's gateway for different routes as well as popular with overnighters. Plenty of floor space if you have an air mattress, or out on the oporch or in the tall grass, as I've seen some do. A plus is that a lot of workers start back on the 7th. Weekends could still be busy. Heading that way myself in March. Cheers !. ps The Kerr Bay campground, on the shore of Lake Rotoiti, has pay-as-you-go coin operated HOT showers.
We were planning on tenting (but taking hut tickets just in case). And yes, I expect it to be fairly busy, but hopefully with a tent we'll keep it reasonably quiet. Thanks for the coin tips, I'll take some! We may have to stay there a night as we have a spare day.

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On 3 January 2019
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