The 'Brownest' State in Germany ?.

Saw a video about a German girl complaining that she was picked out and questioned by police there because she was wearing her hair in braids. Her cousin was visiting from the island of Usedom. He's from Mecklenberg-Vorpommem, which she describes as "The brownest State in Germany". He got a more thorough search. I'm guessing "Brownest' refers to regulation, or conservative conformity ?. Can anybody definitively explain her reference to "Brownest State in Germany" please ?. Send me a mailing if you don't want to go public ?. Put your cursor over my picture in the top right corner & the menu should pop up. Thanks.
Googled your quoted text and got 2 hits. First was a lot of forum messages which to me didnt make sense but the second seems to describe the video you saw From what I understood this was about Far right politics which Germany is very paranoid about these days. Im not qualified to say more.
Thanks Geeves. I also had no real luck with Google, hence I'm hoping a real live person of Germanity might be helpful. :) I understand about the Brownshirts from 90 years ago, and the profiling practices of Stasi. Just wanting to hear an explanation of what "the brownest State in Germany" means these days.
The Nazis were referred to as brown shirts. It was their uniform in the thirties. You can't get more right wing than that.
I'll start deleting posts that can't stay on topic, thanks anyway. Seeking an informed definition of "The brownest State in Germany".
I have an e-mailed answer. Can give you the gist of it if anybody really wants to know ?. Would still be interested in a Germany-experienced response.
My understanding is that they were visiting Chemnitz, down in the south east of Germany. There was some serious violence there associated with protests and counter protests about immigration in August 2018: Police possibly paranoid about far right extremists profiled them as such and questioned / harassed them as a result, or at least that was what she felt the police were doing. Her boyfriend is from Mecklenberg-Vorpommem which is in the far north east, former East Germany, referring to it as the "Brownest" state in Germany is claiming that it has the most far right extremist/neo nazi types, and because he came from there police in Chemnitz profiled him as a far right extremist. She also feels that she was profiled as a far right extremist because of her braids and beanie. (Lived in Germany for a few years 20 years ago, speak German (now a bit rusty),have kayaked through the Mecklenberg-Vorpommem area, beautiful area with lots of lakes and forest)
Danke Ian_H. That confirms the e-mail info I got. Guess I'll carefully sound this out some future time I'm mixed hutting. This Left-Right thing can be seriously divisive in places. Cheers !.

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