Hi people. I usually carry with me on my first aid painkillers,bandage and blisters kit but did you ever find yourself in a situation where you wish you would've carry something that you didn't have? What would you carry on your ideal First aid?
p.s. I tried to edit my post and change the letter z to c but I don't why I cant do...might be some glitch ?
Some people even have prescription drugs in their kit but certainly a good set of plasters and bandages should be enough to keep one alive in all but the more serious accidents. painkillers antiseptic wipes and a strapping tape will often add the ability to walk out then personal medications and survival gear. Maybe some eye wash and non stick dressings. Put it all in a waterproof bag and your good to go. The contents of my first aid kit weigh 1kg and apart from the antihistamines and headache pills Ive only used it once. Nasty cut on a finger. That made me think about the accessibility of the kit. Mine was in an outside pocket but that could only be opened if the top of the pack was opened first. First aid kits are no use at the bottom of the pack. In my case I triped over and whacked the finger on a rotten stump on the way down. Stood up looked at the finger,blood already running off my elbow. Applied direct pressure with other hand while thinking about this and what to do. Let go drop pack open top and pocket of pack and grab kit. This all took about 5 seconds and I need to clean the blood stains off the pack one day. Open the kit and dump everything out. 3 inch bandage and keep wrapping till none left. About then the others caught up to me and were able to help tidy up so we could continue to the hut were it got redressed properly which was how it still was when I took it to the doc 2 days later.
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I keep 2 kits with me. A small ziplock (Glad snack size) in my waist bag with various plasters, dressings, tape and sachets of antiseptic wipes. Then my main first aid kit has the usual assortment of stuff. The tape I have is Durapore (thin roll in the ziplock and wide roll in the kit), which is a silky fabric thats really strong/good performing tape for wound dressings, strapping and the area over blisters. It's is an improved version of the traditional adhesive plaster tape. The other tape also I have is Transpore, which is a clear breathable flexi/silicone type tape. This is good for putting directly over skin to prevent rubbing (then blisters) I also carry Dermaid soft cream (to relieve itchy bites) and Voltaren gel
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Good one @pseudo. I didn't think to a cream for itchy bites. Straight on list from now.
Bepanthen cream (nappy rash treatment) is your one stop shop. Antiseptic, rashes/bites and chafing. All in one tube.
One item I regret not carrying was antibiotics for when my tramping companion developed cellulitis in a remote location which necessitated a medivac. However I've not carried them since either as they expire eventually. I'll have to check out the Bepanthen cream. I've carried zinc/castor oil cream for chafing in the past.
cellulitis is always serious and will always require urgent medical intervention. Oral antibiotics probably wouldnt of made much difference except that because you had given antibiotics you would of waited longer before calling the cavalry which could easily have been a mistake. My father had celulitis and they did discuss cutting off his leg.

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On 29 December 2018
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