Gillespie Pass Circuit (Jan/Feb)

Hey, Is anyone interested in doing the Gillespie Pass Circuit + additional hiking/tramping (7-8 days total)? I am on vacation and would love to do some hiking with other like-minded trampers. Gillespie Pass Circuit is what I currently have in mind, but I am open to other multi-day treks. The exact dates are somewhat flexible, but I am targeting end of January / beginning of February. Sami
Hi Sami I'm from Switzerland and travelling in NZ from January to March 2019. I'm looking for a hiking partner too. Gillespie Pass Circuit sounds also great. I'm 36, male and and experienced mountaineer. I'm going to be in Nelson for 2 weeks from 13. January on. Please contact me if you're interested Pascal
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Hi Pascal, Sounds great! Would be great to hike together. I'm a 35-yo male from France, now living in Canada. I hike regularly in the northeast (White Mountains, Adirondacks) and have done a few treks in Mercantour/Alpes Maritimes. There must be a bug on the forum since I can't click on your name to send you a private message. Feel free to email me directly to so that we can continue the conversation and I can share the entire trip info. I have made additional research and am about to book the trip (actually, only siberia hut needs to be booked). Here is what it looks like: 02/09: Fly to Queenstown / sleep there 02/10: Bus from Queenstown (Athol street) to Makarora 02/10: Gillespie Pass Day 1: Makarora to Young Hut 02/11: Gillespie Pass Day 2: Young Hut to Siberia Hut (TODO: book) 02/12: Gillespie Pass Day 3: Siberia Hut to Kevin Forks Hut 02/12: Wilkin Valley: Kevin Forks Hut to Top Forks Hut 02/13: Wilkin Valley: Day hike to Lake Diana, Lake Lucidus, Lake Castalia 02/14: Wilkin Valley: Day hike to Waterfall flat / Rabbit pass 02/15: Wilkin Valley: Day hike to Wonderland Valley 02/16: Wilkin Valley: Top Forks Hut to Kevin Forks Hut 02/17: Gillespie Pass Day 4: Kevin Forks Hut to Makarora SH-6 02/17: Bus: Makarora to Wanaka. Sleep there 02/18: Bus Wanaka to Queenstown AIrport. Fly back to Auckland.
Hi Sami If I may make a suggestion. You should be able to easily walk from Siberia to Top Forks hut in a day. Suggest you consider spending an an extra night at Siberia Hut and do a day trip to Crucible Lake instead of overnighting at Kerin Forks Hut. (edit: Just looked up my Garmin activity from Siberia to Top forks hut. It was 22.5km) Top Forks hut is in a lovely spot :) Cheers, Moh.
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It's only about three hours from Siberia hut to Kerin Forks hut. If the water is up in the Wilkin, you may need to wait for a jet boat to get you across at Kerin Forks. There are a couple of crossings on the route to Top Forks which is typically about 5 hrs+ walking. I wouldn't miss the Lake Crucible side trip if i could help it.
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Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Since I already plan to go from Siberia hut to Top Forks Hut in a day, I'll probably cut one of the nights at Top Forks Hut.
Just a warning: top forks main hut has some major work planned on it for feb-march 2019 sometime. Builders will be staying in the smaller old hut which I think is just 6 bunk. So plan on having a tent. Dates for work not firm yet but alert will be on doc website for the hut once they're decided.
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Started by samidalouche
On 27 December 2018
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