Kathmandu Lansan UL tent - super thin floor?

Hi all, Just purchased the above in a sale, and set it up in the garden, and it is awesome, but the floor of the tent feels so wafer thin, almost like grass would puncture it! Is that just the thin but strong material? Does anyone have this tent and had any issues with this? I'd be tempted to purchase a footprint/groundsheet but not sure where from, if at all, as Kathmandu don't seem to have any on their website. Obviously will be taking care where to pitch it but it just feels membrane thin and I'm worried its going to rip, even with care. Has anyone with this tent (or any other Kathmandu tent) ever had to utilise the product repair option? Or does anyone know much about the warranty options for this kind of Kathmandu product? Thanks for any input :)
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Hiya, I've used this tent over the last couple of years and found it really good...it's stood up well to some pretty heavy weather. The designer (Andrew) is a kiwi and used to design for Fairydown. I do use a tyvek footprint that I made, as the floor is pretty thin.
Aaaah, thanks for that bit of info, flebea. It does look like quite a bit like an old fairydown 1P. A search turned up this link http://www.andymilnedesign.co.nz edit : added link
Frank (my partner) uses a cut open MSC packliner as our tent footprint. It is the perfect size and is useful for deciding on the position of the tent. It would be more robust than tyvek but not as light of course.
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Started by em720
On 17 December 2018
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