Kathmandu Lansan UL tent - super thin floor?

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Hi all, Just purchased the above in a sale, and set it up in the garden, and it is awesome, but the floor of the tent feels so wafer thin, almost like grass would puncture it! Is that just the thin but strong material? Does anyone have this tent and had any issues with this? I'd be tempted to purchase a footprint/groundsheet but not sure where from, if at all, as Kathmandu don't seem to have any on their website. Obviously will be taking care where to pitch it but it just feels membrane thin and I'm worried its going to rip, even with care. Has anyone with this tent (or any other Kathmandu tent) ever had to utilise the product repair option? Or does anyone know much about the warranty options for this kind of Kathmandu product? Thanks for any input :)
Im a bit cynical about Kathmandu gear and wouldnt hold out much hope for effective warranty repairs. The majority of the stuff I see them selling is usually rebadged chinese stuff - not that this is always bad - I use a 1-man chinese tent which is really great and well-made. You may be best to invest in a tent footprint that will fit your tent. These are usually pretty cost effective & light
the specs say it should be a 70 denier floor, that should be a reasonably durable material for a floor, heavier than the 15 and 20 denier walls , unlss an earlier model was using similar denier to the walls. that should be a reasonably durable material for a floor, i wouldnt rate them as a company for good tramping tents, no guarantee they design them and they don't have anywhere near the experience of making serious tents compared to macpac who have a far better pedigree. if you're not happy with the construction, take it back and say "It's not fit for purpose" for what you want it for... consumer guarantees act should guarantee you a refund..
Just to chip in - while I too am generally skeptical about Kathmandu gear, I have seen their tents perform. January two years ago I was camping (normal camping) at an event on the Kapiti coast and we all got treated to an enormous storm. Gazebos and tents were shredded. By the end of the storm the only tents left standing were the Dwights Escape range (which is what I have) and the Kathmandu 360 range. The following year it was clear everyone had learnt the lesson - other manufacturers were few. Not saying this tent is any good - just saying that they do have some good stock.
Thanks Si-dog, I too am cynical of them, and would never consider buying anything from them that wasn't heavily discounted. I think a footprint is a good way to go, as you say, v light, and will give me a bit more peace of mind! Waynowski thanks for your reply too.That's good that you say it sounds reasonable durable. I'm used to the big thick crinkly heavy stuff, so this just feels completely different, and I will just appreciate how much lighter its made things! I did go in and compare in MacPac and there wasn't anything cheaper and as light as the kathmandu one. Thanks for the info on the consumer act - I'm very happy with it for now, but will bear that in mind. :)
I think i know the floor material you're refering too, its almost a woven ribbon material... they dont use that in decent tramping tents, superceeded by treated woven nylong
waynowski the floor fabric is 70D Nylon Taffeta WR
PaulEvans thanks for your reply, yep we had a larger tent for camping from kathmandu and it was very good and lasted years. I have generally just found their clothing and waterproof jackets a bit crap. Never had an issue with the tents, but I have heard issues from other people. I guess it was a bit of a risk but we were short on time and it is an amazing weight and size for the price. Fingers crossed it holds up!
yeah 70D (denier) is how thick the nylon thread is in the material. thats a decent weight even for a tent floor.
Waynowski ah okay I see. Hmm if you're thinking that's a decent thickness for a tent floor then maybe I'm overworrying. That, and Kathmandu don't seem to sell groundsheets/footprints (not sure what the difference is between the two, in the UK we call them groundsheets, maybe just a different wording over here!), and neither do MacPac. The ones on gearshop.nz give a weight, but don't give a width/length measurement, as I want to match up the size as closely as possible to the lansan tent. And to be quite honest, at $100 a pop I'm a bit torn as to whether its worth buying one, as the tent floor sounds a lot more durable than it feels. Decisions!
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