Blisters under toes

I get blisters on the undersides of my toes (mainly the big ones) from walking downhill. I think it is due to these long and prehensile appendages of mine trying to grasp at the terrain.... Does anyone else experience this and/or have any ideas on how to prevent it? I'm wondering if there is something I could stuff underneath my toes...
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BTW I now use Bridgedale sock liners (like the above Wigwams) and it reduced blistering on my soft feet.
You can isolate the lacing of the lower boot by using a surgeon's knot to lock it off, ensuring the foot won't slip forward when going downhill. There are instructions on YouTube. When I'm tying this set up, I jam my heel into the heel box to make sure the foot is set well back in the boot. This helps against bruised toenails happening. I endorse the use of coolmax sock liners. I will even use mine as the solo sock layer as boots these days are so padded. It's horrible to have foot problems when tramping and often easily remedied. I tramped in old style woollen socks on one occasion a few years ago. The socks got wet, travelling up Hunt Creek and then the 900m descent down Dry Ck into the Taipo was murder as the socks matted and macerated my feet. The sock liners would prevent this and the wool would keep the feet warm I reckon. I was glad to be able to borrow Frank's sandals for the walk out down the Taipo.
Back in with the Tramping Club. So this is what I heard. You can buy tubular toe bandage. You can then cut it into lengths per toe. The tube bandage has gel padding strips running it's internal length, like stripes on toothpaste. The NZ chemist ones have more substance than the Alibaba ones, tho I can't tell you a brand name. They get a bit manky after a few days continuos wear on the longer trips.
That _might_ work. But the problem with plasters on toes is that they're contagious! By which I mean the plaster on toe 2 rubs on toes 1 & 3 necesitating plastering those too until soon you have all 5 toes plastered (or 10). So unless your tubes are less abrasive than standard plasters you might need a lot of tube!
Possibly. That's what people are using. Maybe not that same brand as pictured ?.
I've had mixed success taping toes up too. Currently trying light weight Injinji toe-socks as a sock liner. They are also made of Coolmax polyester. So far so good but haven't been tested on a long trip yet.
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