tramps planned for the holidays?

i'm cherry picking my way up the east side of the southern alps tramping and driving,
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Just got back from first tramp for the hols. Took my 11 year old for his first hunt in the aorangi. Weather was great. Had pararaki hut too ourselves. Special spot and hut. Got a nice hind. Couple days off then into the ruahine.
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Looking at the Lake Christabel / Robinson loop in Lewis Pass for starters. Also keen to get up the Hapuku River and check out the new lake behind KaikĊura. Also taking the tamariki camping at Craigieburn, Aoraki, Punakaiki and Karamea!
Priorities include Lake Morgan, Mt.O'Shanessy West Coast and Scotty's Biv, Tara Tama range. Unfortunately not until march.
@aardvark. Worthy priorities! Wx is usually better March, April & early May than Dec, Jan, Feb anyway. Scotty's takes a bit of effort to get to! Apparently the easiest way is to ford the Taipo at Seven Mile and go up the ridge but the river has been too high when I've wanted to do that so I've gone in via Harrington-Rocky or Griffin Creeks. You can get there from Dunn's, Newton & Olderog Creeks as well!
Between Xmas and New Year I fitted in a solo 3 day walk in the Hohonu Range and was above the bush line most of the time. The first day was white out all day with wet cloud. Thankfully I was following a route I know fairly well but briefly got on the wrong spurs twice when sidling knobs but quickly realised I was in the wrong place.(I had a gps with me but wasn't using it) Day two was high cloud but good visibility from about 8.30am onward. Day 3 was perfect wx. Mt Smart was climbed along with the tougher to get to Deutgam Peak and various unnamed high points. Saw a few chamois.
3 and 2 half days of rain. Waikiti to Camp Creek. Wet river rocks. Wet bush bashing. Wet scrub crawling. Clagged in tops. Type 2 enjoyment. First tramp since I stuffed my knee 8 months ago. Good to be back in the bush.
A couple of 2 & 3 day trips beforehand, and nothing in NZ planned, but I'm really looking forward to a Feb 10-day trip in Tassie. Virtually all off track, mostly up on the tops of 3 ranges in the South-West (Wilmot, Frankland & Giblin). Very open and exposed to the prevailing weather (actually, open from every direction) with few options for shelter so hoping the weather is kind. It's magical country - in the right conditions.
And finally planned our first one of 2019: Travers - Sabine circuit (back via Angelus hut weather permitting). Never been in Nelson Lake National Park, so let's start with a popular one. We have estimated 7 days of tramping. And the days of food drops are gone for decades unfortunately, but my 65 litre Osprey should be up to the task. The forecast on Monday is rain, gale force winds wind, and cold. But we'll start on Tuesday, the summer should have arrived by then I hope :-)
I did the Letham Molesworth circuit before New Years. Some nice country, steep passes and solitude. Took a side trip up mount Severn. Took two big days, and two little days. (2 Hours friday night, 1 hour Monday morning). Need a decent 4wd to drive up the Letham valley, Starting at the Saxton bridge is a better idea for most I feel.
Just got back from the Travers-Sabine. Took my parents for their first decent tramp in quite a few years, they had a blast. Perfect weather and they got to tick visiting Blue Lake off their bucket list!

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