tramps planned for the holidays?

i'm cherry picking my way up the east side of the southern alps tramping and driving,
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Si-dog......I went from Cow Creek to Arete Forks back in April. As we had good weather, we headed up Table Ridge above Cow Creek to .1390. It's well marked. From .1478 follow the ridge down until it branches in to three. If you take the middle spur down, you can pick up a track marker at the bush line (it's a bit hidden) and from there on there are sporadic markers down to Arete Forks. Reports in the hut book on the sidle track were mixed. If it's a good day I'd go for the tops as you get great views.
...and the track up Pinnacle Spur was reasonably well marked - only a few places we hunted around a bit. The first hour is a really steep grunt.
Thanks a lot PhilipW and Wanderwild for the great advice. Go Tararuas!
There's some rough weather in line for the tarrys after brilliant settled stuff. Was heading up to dundas with my boy for a shoot on Thurs for three nights. but now looking crap.
@ si-dog getting to Arete forks from cow creek is quickest over the Sidle track. Over table Ridge is about an hour slower, at least. (climbs to nearly 1500 m) The river route is only advisable at very low levels. More deep pools now, and can take 4 hours sometimes The Sidle track has a few windfalls, that slow the trip, but its doable in 4 hours or so, for fit parties. AForks from kiriwhakapapa is doable in one day, ok. although its is a hard day. Up to Waiohine Pinnacles from AForks is steep, with an large windfall on the way, where its bit steep. Takes 3-4 hours. track begins at AForks hut. Waiohine Pinnacles to Carkeek is straight forward , along the ridge
Thanks TararuaHunter - the times are very valuable info and will me with my planning. Unfortunately I cant really see a light pack being much of an option......
I do the sidle in 3 hours and the river in 2 and a half at late summer super low flows. I wouldn't climb onto the tops. The sidle is a mongrol and the only place in the tarries I've tussled with ongaonga but far better than a grunt onto the tops. I've gone from kiriwhakapapa to arete fx in a solid day though my missus was done at cow creek the time I took her. We're all different.
I will seek solitude and good weather at every turn.
the threatened air NZ strike just about put a big spanner in my holiday... brings back the bad old days of the railways ferries when they went on strike during the holidays when they were already on good employment agreements. one strike the air force had to ferry people across cook strait... feel sorry for peoples kids who don't understand why they can't go on holiday...
Its dealt with for now but they could of been nice and started the threatened strike on the 4th January. That way everyone would of got to their holiday destinations and had a good excuse for not getting back to work.
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