tramps planned for the holidays?

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i'm cherry picking my way up the east side of the southern alps tramping and driving,
Kinda missed a big sale on the plane ticket from Canada. Sad, although I haven't completely given up yet. One minor idea I had it mind (after seeing last year from the extended trip of the Key Summit from Divide) was to continue towards McKellar Saddle or Greenstone/Cables. Also wanted to do more in Mount Aspiring and Moke Valley. Maybe Mount Cook although it seems so rainy...
My one would be in Feb...I will work through Christmas and New year 'eve...
Potentially doing 5 days around the Gillespie Pass/Wilkins Valley over Chrissy.
Investigating my options. Right now I plan to do the dusky trail dec 27.
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Yes.around New Year Eve's Heading to national park and going to test my new sleeping bag. Got it from here
Finally getting to do (depending on the arrgh, weather) my East-West tararua trip to bag Blue Range, Cow Creek, Arete Forks, Carkeek & Dracophyllum huts. Cant wait.
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@ si-dog An absolute classic Tararua 'hard tramp'. The sidle track between Cow Creek and Arete Forks is a notorious pig. I've been told that if the stream is low, it's a much better option to stream bash your way up there. Alternatively if the wx isn't too bad I'd be tempted to try heading right up onto the tops, work my way over through the tussock and drop down the spur to Arete Forks. I can't vouch for either alternative, but I can tell you I've sworn never to do that sodding sidle track again! The start of the climb out of Arete Forks back up onto the main ridge line to Waiohine isn't terribly obvious, but from memory it's a bit upstream of the hut. And it's good steep scramble a lot of the way. This is a high exertion tramp; keep your pack light! Best wishes :-)
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I'm booked on to the Tongariro Northern Circuit. It will be the kids first multi-night tramp. I'm essentially going to be a human pack horse.
Done that before more than a few times @PaulEvans (packhorse role), loved introducing them to the outdoors. Now my kids are a bit older in their early to mid teens, I quite enjoy slipping all the extra gear and food back into their packs to even up the handicapping!
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