First NZ Tramps

Longtime lurker from Qld. Just finished my first NZ tramps last week. Initial track was the Routeburn but unable to continue past Harris Saddle owing to the excess snow on the track and avalanche warnings. Warden advised that possibility of getting through day 2 was only 50/50 and that was my cue to at least get up to see Lake Harris while visibility was good. Sensational short walk through a not often for me seen winter vista. Disappointed couldn't go onwards but that view made-up for it. We stayed at Flats Hut night two (only 4 people!) and did a nice short walk up the North Routeburn, immensely enjoyable. Second walk was Kepler. Great weather , day one an unrelenting uphill with probs more in my pack than I needed... Day two amazing ridge line walking with some dodgy narrow snow bits. Iris burn area quite beautiful. Lovely part of the world. Will I great walk again?, not sure, hut camaraderie was good but I was a bit over all the people by the end. Less travelled tracks feel more appealing. Will be back - but not sure where i'll be tramping yet.
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Went through the Heaphy last winter - August - and saw only 2 people - and those in the last 5km - 2 people - that's 3 takahe for every person seen. Pretty good ratio! It's a good year-round track and I'd definitely save it for mid-week, winter.
I might do some research and see what huts the guided walkers don't use - then it may be a walk to do...
@madpom: 6 takahe on the Heaphy? Wow! damoocow: you need to carry emergency accommodation sufficient to survive a night if injured e.g. a broken leg. I'll keep saying this on this forum...
There were 4 lurking around Gouland Downs hut - presumably where they were released. And 2 in the clearings heading east from James McKay.
+1 re always carry tent (or tarp or bivvy bag at least). Saddens me that people still havent got that message.
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One thing you can always do with the Heaphy is do it back to back. Start from Brown Hut, spend a rest day in Karamea, then head back. You can mix up the huts, perhaps Saxon and Lewis on leg 1, then Mackay and Perrys or Aorere Shelter on Leg 2. As for Honora's comment on emergency shelter, absolutely you need that.
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Started by damoocow
On 3 December 2018
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