Lower Salmon Creek Biv

Hi team - has anyone has been into Lower Salmon Creek Biv recently? Just wondering if there are mattresses in the biv or not (DOC website says no). Wanting to head in there in a couple of weeks and don't want to get caught out.
Yes, the mattresses were removed in 2009 and replaced a couple of years later, thank god. Take a paint brush, if you want to do some painting of the biv. The paint and a paint tray are there, but not the brush. It would be good if you put some undercoat on the ends of the biv. They are exposed to weathering.
Awesome thanks for that. I will take a paintbrush with me - will let you know how it goes.
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@Cabbage: thanks for that. We've been concentrating on the track work.

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Started by Cabbage
On 28 November 2018
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