Couple of glitches

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Hi Matthew, I've noticed "favourites" is not working and that "comment and delete comment" are playing up on photos. I'm using a Chrome browser on a pc.
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Noted thanks. I’ll check it out.
Favourites fixed. Thanks for flagging that. Working on the other issue.
Kia ora @glennj just a note that comments are fixed too. Sorry about that! Thanks for raising it. --Matthew
Cheers! Yes all good now thanks!
Hi Matthew, Clicking 'check-ins' crashes out to a stack dump with "The key [DISTANCE] does not exist". (chrome & firefox/win10, samsung & firefox/android) Also, still can't sort a user's photos in chronological order (although the Photographs page can be sorted by date)
Another glitch freshly noticed is that, "linking of related information" when adding a photo does not appear to be working. [I'm using Chrome on a pc]
Hi Matthew Regards me I don't know why I'm not able to change or modify my post or even able to add some "reaction" to a post.
Thanks for the tips everybody. Bugs: - check-ins fixed - map for selecting points when adding a photo fixed Features: - sort member photos added - search member photos added @glennj what issue were you getting when trying to link related info? What record were you trying to link? I haven't been able to replicate this one. @giuseppe23 when you say "not able to" what do you mean? What happens when you click the buttons? What browser are you using?
Thanks Matthew - photo sort and check-in working for me. FYI : if a photo (and presumably other classes) has been revised, it appears twice in the recent activity list on the profile page (as an update as well as an add).
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Started by glennj
On 23 November 2018
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