6/7 days worth of food in a 50 Lt backpack.

Hi people. Would you be able to pack a 50 Lt with 6/7 days worth of tramping with food and gear? Months ago following the advice of the “less is more” of one of you guys I bought it a macpac Torlesse 50 Lt backpack…that I truly love.This is the link https://www.macpac.com.au/packs/hiking-packs/torlesse-50l-pack-v2/115002.html?cgid=packs-hiking_packs Coming on next feb I would be tramping for at least 6 days and I’m not sure if this pack would have enough storage for gear and food. Usually I take with me -3 pair of undies -pair of socks -Lightweight pot 1.9 lt,gas canister and MSR mini pocket stove. -Leggins for sleeping and one long sleeve shirt in merino -Hard shell rain jacket -Mid shell jacket -Hut/camp jacket -one lightweight t shirt -First kit id -little knife -rain pants - Gaiters(?) After this list I need to add 6/7 days worth of food… Opinions and suggestions are open please
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To each their own, they make different packs for a reason. But me and my wife are great fans of the Osprey's anti-gravity system. I.e. much more airflow. If you don't sweat much, that might not be so important.
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Will let you know after Christmas ...I will wait for some special before buying now. Thanks all for your help.
thumbs-up for the Osprey. I'm on my third one now. I think I'll have to sell my Aarn Pack b/c I'm never going to use it! That airflow system in the Osprey is why I sold my Go-Lite. Brilliant for hot flushes.
I have that Macpac pack and have had it for a while - I may have the V1 version. Its good but weights about 2.7kg - the Osprey may be lighter. I bought the macpac mainly for the tough fabric - its very canvassy and can withstand a lot of bush abuse. Its fairly simple however and attaching things to it (especially ice axe & crampons) always requires a lot of customising on my part. In my tramping club Im own my own with my pack - the vast majority of people seem to favour Osprey, so that brand must be doing something right.
I carried 10 days food in a 50lt exped lightning. This was with tent also, though it was on the outside but the matress was in my pack. So I guess it comes down to size of your gear, how much food you need per day & how basic your diet is. And yes that was with a cooker & sleeping bag also.
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That’s not bad with a lightning
Yeah I upgraded and bought a lot of smaller lightweight stuff. And basic food - porridge every morning, lots of couscous & dehy peas
It should be doable in a 50lt pack even if you dont have super lightweight gear. I get a similar set of gear in to a 38Lt for week-long trips and that includes a tent (admittedly on the outside). My gear is by no means lightweight either (sleeping bag is 1.2kg for example). I have noticed however when I put my 38lt Deuter next to other supposedly larger volume packs it appears to be bigger. So all quoted volumes may not be equal! I would drop one of the non-waterproof jackets and just run with a fleece as well as dropping the rain pants (though I see you have already had this conversation in another thread) and the leggings for sleeping unless you are going somewhere alpine. I guess if it doesnt fit, it doesnt fit, though!
Getting back to those rainpants. Yes, I know wrong thread but I'm too lazy...there have been trips where I would have been just about crying if I hadn't worn my overtrousers due to scrub. But that was before I started wearing long nylon trousers in summer or long johns (leggings) in winter as a matter of course. The first time I had to stop and put the overtrousers on in scrub was a trip along an escarpment above the Ngakawau Gorge. And they were pricey gortex overtrousers.
I think the rain pants is an each to their own thing. Between gaitors to my knees and shorts midway down my thighs I probably have six inches of thigh/knee exposed at most. Yeah, sometimes they get a bit scratched up in scrub and if the weather is absolutely foul on the tops they do probably get a bit cold but if I keep moving it has never been a problem. If I was scuffling for room and it's a non-alpine trip in summer then they would be first thing to go. Just checked my Deuter pack and it is actually 36lt too now 38.
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