6/7 days worth of food in a 50 Lt backpack.

Hi people. Would you be able to pack a 50 Lt with 6/7 days worth of tramping with food and gear? Months ago following the advice of the “less is more” of one of you guys I bought it a macpac Torlesse 50 Lt backpack…that I truly love.This is the link https://www.macpac.com.au/packs/hiking-packs/torlesse-50l-pack-v2/115002.html?cgid=packs-hiking_packs Coming on next feb I would be tramping for at least 6 days and I’m not sure if this pack would have enough storage for gear and food. Usually I take with me -3 pair of undies -pair of socks -Lightweight pot 1.9 lt,gas canister and MSR mini pocket stove. -Leggins for sleeping and one long sleeve shirt in merino -Hard shell rain jacket -Mid shell jacket -Hut/camp jacket -one lightweight t shirt -First kit id -little knife -rain pants - Gaiters(?) After this list I need to add 6/7 days worth of food… Opinions and suggestions are open please
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Note that if you overload a pack, it wears way worse than simply having a bigger pack. 50 litres is fine if you're in huts and have the lightest weight gear, i.e. 600 grams sleeping bag, and as suggested dehydrated food. But with a few more litres you can carry better food, and carry stuff that makes for a better experience. It's not a race... I'm carrying 65 litres, that's plenty, and I usually carry some lightweight but bulky stuff.
Looking at your list, you said you had: -Mid shell jacket -Hut/camp jacket I suggest only one is needed. If in summer, just a fleece will do, you can use your raincoat as hard shell. If you go on the tops, a down jacket might be nice, depends a bit on where you're going.
@berend de boer that's right my list was quite superficial Forgot to add on the list -Kitchen utensil. -Camera -headlump -usb bank charger -gloves -bini -light shorts
Yep, gotta remember the headlump. I usually don't remember my headlump until I bump my head on a bunk support in the middle of the night after forgetting my headlamp... And my bini usually has a "k" and an "i" in the middle which makes for a great conversation piece at the hut. Just havin' fun, Giuseppe!
hahhaha @gregor well said. If we don't have laugh would've be too boring.. A lot of dreams and talks at moment for me...I've been stuck at work and not much outdoor adventure for me lately.
I did a trial.. Definitely 50 lt would be too small for a week. There you go ... :-/
Thanks for your sense of humour, Giuseppe; I mean no offence. I have an Arc'Teryx Altra 65L and I've been able to undertake 8-day treks with it. However, it was loaded to the gills although almost everything was contained within the pack except my plb and sleeping pad. 6-7 days' supplies in a 50L pack is a stretch but doable. It will require thoughtful decisions on placement within/without the pack and food selection. Consider hanging weather-proof contents on the outside of your pack protected by a pack cover. Food selection is critical on longer tramps and I think this is the crucial decsion point for your weight/encumbrance: how much 'food comfort' are you willing to sacrifice for pack weight/capacity?
If headlumps are likely to be an issue, suggest that you might also need to take a helmet? ;-)
Thinking of getting this macpac 65 lt https://www.macpac.com.au/packs/hiking-packs/torlesse-65l-pack-v2/115001.html?cgid=packs-hiking_packs Even if probably a 70 from osprey....but I Never been in love with the brand...time to do some research.
Different packs have their fans. Some like the Aarns, the Exped Lightning, but I like my Osprey Aether 70 best. Very comfortable and very good back venting. But that's a whole new thread ?.
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On 19 November 2018
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