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Did someone of you are a big fan of the brand Patagonia? I just purchased online a mid-shell jacket called R1 Full zip..I just bought for the price to be honest very convenient. Does someone have the same jacket? About Patagonia I always read different reviews online...very expensive brand definitely but does the quality reflect the actual value?
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the video is partially right but other brands test their products heavily and have good warranties as well but dont charge as much, arcteryx don't make the materials they create garments… other companies using the same materials charge less. gore tex only let companies use their products when they are happy they make their garments to a high enough standard…
people dont always understand how much work decent brands put into designing good outdoor gear ... mountain equipment spent three years working with outdoor professionals and swiss pattern cutters to redesign their clothing, its easy to take for granted a good bit of gear, you dont notice it, because it doesnt have any issues, it moves well with your body because it was well researched to do that, its not too big, not too small not too baggy.... everything works the way you need it , but get a badly designed piece of kit and you'll know because there will be things that bug you about it and chances are you bought it a lot more cheaply
I agree waynow. Definitely your clothing in certain moment of your adventure can determine to save your life or not... if I'm stuck in an alpine area with high exposure a don't think that a rain jacket bought from the cheap camping store will make a difference. There is a good video from Arcteryx that explain many things regards the brand... hope you watch's really well done.
@giuseppe23 some great photography in that video! But still doesn't explain much as the summary is: we didn't like what we could buy, so we made our own stuff, and we can conveniently test it.
@berend You right too...but there is plenty of videos and reviews online that claim how Arc’teryx its a really good brand For many(but definitely not all)of their products. Do you have a favourite brand where you usually source your gear ?
It's all the emporers new clothes in a way, the money we pay is nuts for what you get. Material innovation has come a long way but really the prices they charge are incredible. Most of it probably spent on marketing and consumer spending research more than outdoor research. Like what about a quick dry shirt with a mesh back that zips at the front to the end of the rib cage. How many times would that have been great on a sweltering day on the tops. Or a lightweight rain jacket with pockets higher than the hip belt and extends below a pair of footy shorts. A quick dry singlet made of merino with shoulders that are thick enough to cover pack straps to stop rubbing. There are so many things that aren't covered because these companies cater to masses of urban dreamers rather than pure bushmen. Real technical? Tramping wear would be far to ugly for these companies to produce.
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@giuseppe23 I'm pretty eclectic. Often it depends on what I can buy here, compared to what I would like to get. Really liking what MacPac is doing with New Zealand Alpine Team.
westcomb are run by a couple of guys who used to work for arcteryx. a lot cheaper and good quality gear.
I absolutely agree about Westcomb. A Canadian company that makes excellent gear at good prices.
Want to share my thoughts about the Patagonia R1 Jacket that I bought and used now over 3 months. Jacket is quite good,very breathable and dress tight. It's perfect when you are in a full activity because the air pass through the little seaming. But if you stay steel in a cold environment you will definitely need another shell on top. I'm happy with purchase because I spent only $ it's ok! I give a 7/10. Full price is worth $ 220...Definitely not convenient.
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Started by giuseppe23
On 12 November 2018
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