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Did someone of you are a big fan of the brand Patagonia? I just purchased online a mid-shell jacket called R1 Full zip..I just bought for the price to be honest very convenient. Does someone have the same jacket? About Patagonia I always read different reviews online...very expensive brand definitely but does the quality reflect the actual value?
The Houdini is a really good ultralight wind jacket with some rain resistance. The nano air hoody is good for winter and you can sleep in it if camping out. Value only really if you can get a deep discount. MacPac does a really nice fleece jumper that us very similar to the R1, it’s called the ridgeline I think.
good warranty, quality materials, tried and tested designs. people are always going to complain about price. they do their best to be as environmentally friendly as they can and donate to conservation causes..
I had a jacket made of their h2no fabric and it was good but started delaminating after a few years. Untill then it was as good as the gortex jacket I have now. It was only going at the cuffs etc but that still a good reason to replace
it’s hard to say for me I’m a big fan of Arc’teryx and is some way the Canadian Brand seems a bit superior on quality Especially regarding Rain jackets category But haven’t said that it’s my personal opinion and feeling That I had reading reviews online about products. That’s why I asked if there is people with experience with in the field.
Whe I say “quality” I mean : -Texture of the material -Relation between warmeness and breathbility -durability -Waterproof(in case of a rain jacket) -Warranty and customer care
If you're tempted to watch that arcteryx video, safe your time. Useless infoless advertising sprinkled with swearing.
Swearing??? Maybe you don't like the delivery but the video hits the spot with the information.
Didn't learn anything in the first whatever 8 minutes I watched. Just telling me the product was great.
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Started by giuseppe23
On 12 November 2018
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