Clubs based near Rangiora

Hi Im moving south later this week and have purchased a house in Rangiora. Which are the recommended clubs near there. Ive never tramped in Canterbury so its going to be an interesting learning curve finding suitable tracks and roadends. I like the social side of clubs as well so this is not to be a discussion on the benefits of clubs verses private tramping. I know why different people like each way and that is fare enough but not relevant for this thread
Hey @geeves, I live in North Canterbury. There is the Rangiora Tramping Club which are an active group. And the over 40's who tramp in the foothills regularly. Obviously there are other clubs nearer CHCH but you asked for North Canterbury. There are local groups who meet to walk/tramp in the area. Once you move to Rangiora get in touch with the council to find out who they are. As for local tracks you're on the doorstep to the Foothills Forests; Mt Grey, Mt Thomas, Mt Richardson, Mt Oxford, Mt Somers. Over the back of course is APNP. Good luck with the move.
Over 40's (OFTC) (if you qualify ?) has members in Rangiora. They'll rendezvous for pick-ups along the way to somewhere. Then, you're part of the car pooling, so that discounts the whole tramping base. Probably how the others work too ?. Not unusual for people to belong to more than 1 club. Day hikes in the areas JETNZ mentions are just the bread & butter of Wednesday/Sunday groups. Really depends on which Grade you want to do on the day.
Thanks. I do just qualify for over 40 at 58 but will give the Rangiora tramping club a try first
Good luck with this Geeves - I am thinking of doing something very similar. I'm kinda over wellington. Thank god for the Tararuas.....

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Started by geeves
On 28 October 2018
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