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Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the fella who runs this?: In particular its in relation to a hut that I spent literally hours looking for last Sunday in the Tararuas and couldnt find. Thanks! might be useful for hut locations
I know the hut your looking for.
Interestingly nzbazz I locked in those coordinates to my GPS and scoured that area for about 1.5 hours and couldnt find it. There are at least 4 websites and two of them have different information to the other two - ie: two say the hut is "at the 600m" contour," the other two say the hut is "at the 900m contour." This variation in info is either deliberate or unintentional. I was pretty mad that day after searching for 3.5 hours overall and getting pretty low on water as a result. its on a loop and I (ass)ume that I was looking on the correct part of the loop. Nevertheless, I have found 3 other unofficial huts with no worries. Gaiters - I will PM you if you dont mind. I would like to find this one!
Try messaging @madpom or @mantis, they have both recorded the hut on this site under different names. It's a hut I was hoping to find this summer as well.
Cheers! I will take another look based on new info (thanks guys) and will try again......
Hi si-dog, email is

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Started by si-dog
On 24 October 2018
Replies 6
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