Te Araroa or something else

Hi, Folks I am from UK and coming to NZ for a couple of months or possibly more starting in January 2019. I am thinking of doing the North part of Te Araroa from Cape Reinga to New Plymouth area. Is anyone interested in joining me for some or part of that? Equally happy to do part of the South Island TA. Or, if you have a planned multi day hike somewhere in NZ during the first few months of 2019 and you are looking for a partner, then let me know. I work as a mountain leader in the UK and elsewhere and have a great deal of experience on multi-day adventures of various sorts and in many parts of the world. Cheers Paul
with your experience, you'll find a lot of the north island TA boring,
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No bites, so I'm bumping this up...
dont tend to get a lot of te araroa walkers here try the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/243051156099388/
I agree with Wayno on this. IMO the part of the TA you are considering would include some of the least appealing bits and with your experience you might be happier doing something more challenging than the TA. By browsing this site you will see many multi day options particularly in the South Island but there are certainly worthy trips in the NI too!
Plenty of non TA options about in nth and south islands. If you really want to go to Taranaki, try it off road. plenty of bush country from pureora, whanganui river, Matemateonga, Waototara, across the north taranaki bush country and then down the coast to NP. you'll find it challenging navigation wise. Not many views, interesting history of farm settlement. And wont be easy Or just traverse the North island main ranges, from Taupo - kaimanawa, Ruahine, Tararua, Rimutaka to wellington. Also challenging, more high country etc etc etc
Even the South Island leg mainly travels through foothills east of the alps. I can’t talk about Canterbury northwards but from Mt Cook southwards you’ll get into much more interesting country further west. Plenty of tracks on here in Mt Aspiring/Fiordland which can be strung togeather for a more alpine experience.
Hi, I am also from the Britain looking to do the north island Te Araroa starting in January. Am happy to solo but a partner would be great. I am also a keen mountaineer and a novice rock climber. Would be great to trekk and/or climb together. Cheers

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Started by paulcan2
On 23 October 2018
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