Macpac Torlesse 65: How to shorten the back length

Does anyone have the Macpac Torlesse 65 pack? If so have you been able to adjust the back length? I can adjust mine just by sliding the shoulder straps down the metal plates on the back but there is no locking mechanism so whenever I put it on the they slide back up againg making the back length too long.
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oh yes thanks for your help Gaiters, have a nice night :)
A little off topic, but the reason Americans (myself included) pack heavy is because there is absolutely no tramping infrastructure in the States. No signage, no markers, tracks and camps that haven't been maintained for 50+ years. You need to haul everything, including the kitchen sink, to go bush in the US. You hope to find some greasy spot to pitch your tent and if you're in bear country you better have sufficient rope, etc., to bear proof your camp or carry one of those lovely bear canisters. I've lessened my pack weight considerably in NZ compared to the beast I used to haul around the US.
15kg including food and water is not too bad. You probably can go down a bit lower but I would say I would carry about 12kg-14kg starting a 4-5 day tramp. You need to spill your packing list if you want advise to lower your weight. But for comparison my big items: 1. Pack: 2.1kg. 2. Tent: 1.89kg. 3. Sleeping bag: 900 grams. 4. Sleeping mat: 460 grams. These tend to be the big items.
I have a torlesse 50 tl and I love it...I'm actually thinking to update to a 65lt...for long hikes...I realized that a 50 lt for more than 3 days out doesn't have enough space for food...
> No signage, no markers, tracks and camps that haven't been maintained for 50+ years I thought the US did have managed tracks which are called blazers or something?

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I consider one needs to have sufficient shelter to survive the night with a broken leg. Hypothermia combined with significant injury require medical management at one of the main centres, not a provincial hospital.
I have the Torlesse 65 (before going to Osprey) and yes Cabbage is correct - the adjustment buckles for the shoulder straps are on the inside. Easy adjustment. No instructions came with my Torlesse either and neither did the salesperson at the time have any idea what all the features were or did. Such a shame because a team of designers and testers have produced a really good pack.
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Started by TrailGirl
On 21 October 2018
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