Macpac Torlesse 65: How to shorten the back length

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Does anyone have the Macpac Torlesse 65 pack? If so have you been able to adjust the back length? I can adjust mine just by sliding the shoulder straps down the metal plates on the back but there is no locking mechanism so whenever I put it on the they slide back up againg making the back length too long.
From memory to adjust the back length you need to open the main compartment and loosen the two buckles off with webbing running through them. They’re at the top on the back of the main compartment. Adjust the shoulder straps to the right length and them tighten the buckles back up so that they don’t move.
Thanks so much. I have been trying to figure this out for ages! Macpac really need to include a guide on how to adjust their packs
They do. Well they did with mine.
Maybe I was just unlucky. I once had a Torre 80 when I lived in Switzerland and that was quite heavy and too big. I find the 65l the right size - Although I still need to figure out what I can go without so I can get the weight down even more. At the moment an overnight fully loaded pack for me weighs roughly 15kg and that includes a 1kg sleeping bag and 400ish gram tarp
Damn you pack heavy. My overnight kit weighs roughly 6-8 kg total weight. My Swiss made exped pack is a kilo and my exped sleeping bag half a kilo. 6-8 is probably the upper limit to be honest. I have a 90lt cascade pack that's 3 1/2 kilo but feels quite light on the back with a heavy load. I hardly use it but will be using it a lot more now.
6-8kg!? what is in your packing list? I want to have a lighter pack fully loaded but on the other hand I dont want to risk my saftey y leaving out my tarp for emergency shelter etc... The only clothes I take (besides what I tramp in) are poly pro leggings and a fleece so I know my clothing isnt the issue
I don't take too much. My kitchen kit is very light. Billy spork cooker gas mug water bottle. My food kit is very light, couscous salami dehy vege and spice mix, bacon sandwich porridge chocolate coffee. Clothing wise just take merino long johns and long sleeve shirt lightweight rain jacket and polypropylene gloves beanie. Head torch plb lighter little soap quick dry towel toilet paper candle, ibuprofen. That's about it. It's all very lightweight stuff. I'm there to smash mountains not carry the kitchen sink. At a hut there is a lot of things to entertain ones self that need not be carried in. Cutting and gathering firewood. Reading hut books, etc. If I'm on a multi day mission, or tenting, she's an entirely different scenario. Then I add a lot of stuff to enjoy the down time.
Dont you take an emergency shelter incase you get injured and have to spend the night out at the mercy of the weather?
No, maybe one of those foil groundsheets. But if I was injured I would pull the pin on my plb chuck on all my clothes and get in my sleeping bag with my dog and wait it out. I've slept in a wet pit (sleeping bag) a few times and while thoroughly miserable I was fine. Curl up under a pile of wheke leaves in an up turned tree or a clump of tussock or something . This is an overnight scenario mind you.
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On 21 October 2018
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