MSR pocket rocket 2

Hi guys. Yesterday I went and bought my jetboil minimo after one month that I was waiting for it..price was good so I did take the chance to buy one...but to be honest as soon I had it in my hands I felt like that $220 dollars for a hiking stove was a bit too the sign at back that say "This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm" honestly put me off a little bit. I went online and did some research and I saw that with the 70 % less that I spend on the jetboil I could buy a MSR pocket rocket 2 which different reviews attested like one of the best in the market at moment... Some of you have any experience ?
I have an MSR pocket rocket version 1. Great little stove. Never used it after buying the jet boil flash, I just love the convenience of this all in one water boiling device. Consider also the cost of a light weight pot you will need with the MSR stove.

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Started by giuseppe23
On 20 October 2018
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