Are DD Hammocks Tarps good for tramping?

Hey I have just finished Uni in Switzerland and moved to NZ so I dont know much about the type of gear sold here compared to Switzerland. I have seen that DD Hammocks 3x3 tarps are quite popular in the US and only a few shops sell them here, are they worth it or should I go with another brand? Thankyou
I've never even considered using just a tarp for tramping. You'd get eaten alive by sandflies and mosquitoes. But the DD products seem to be good enough, and not too expensive.
Fly or hammock camping is great but do be mindful of not only sandflies and mozzies but the weather. It's always raining somewhere in NZ, and often it's where you're tramping! I love open camping but the sandflies start work at 5am in the summer and don't stop until dark which is about 10pm during high summer. Bivvy bag might be an option to explore. As far as buying gear in NZ, quality is comparable but expect prices to be about 3 times as expensive.
Deet based repelants sort out sandflys. Fly camping is good as it is lightweight. Hammocks limit you to forests. Take extra rope as trees are never the right spacing
A nice thing about tarps is there is no condensation and you get to feel closer to nature. I incorporated a mozzie netting set up but have only bothered using it once. I used those little velcro disks to attach a mosquito net.Some people just add a fringe of mosquito netting to the bottom of the tarp. Mosquito netting would make things warmer too with trapping the air. I found a bombshelter tarp set up which I used to adapt a fly with but have only set it up as a trial because we use our lightweight tent by default as Frank carries it (by default) but it gets condensation. Coincidentally someone on this site was using the bombshelter set up as well. It has the benefits of the windward side being pitched at ground level and the lee side raised so a fire can be employed (and enjoyed). I have always thought that pitching a hammock in the beech forest over that 1 metre-high regen would prevent cold air from circulating under the hammock and cooling down the base of the hammock. Tjey'd be great for Stewart Island where it can get quite swampy or rocky - as long as there are trees around.We camped by Port Pegasus at Cook Arm by the Fraser Peaks one time and what with the swamp and the rocks, finally found a flat rock where scrub had spread over it where we could pitch our tent.

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Started by TrailGirl
On 10 October 2018
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