There seems to be a lot of news going around about 1080 at the moment. Most of it sensationalised and uninformed. I'm not keen to get into any of that. But the backcountry and more specifically our flora and fauna is something I am very passionate about. What I really want to know, is 1080 really worth it and what is the ultimate goal of doc? I have been involved in conservation for quite awhile. I have run many traplines involved in kiwi conservation. I am passionate about the endemic bird life of aotearoa. It is something I feel intimately spiritually connected to. So am all for conservation, but. What is the real value of 1080? I am sure it wipes out mammalian life forms. I'm sure it helps birds re establish themselves in the bush as I have first hand experience of this. But how much and how long do doc I tend to use 1080. Forever? So they dump 1080 in the bush and it kills predators but how long before they reestablish themselves? How do doc think that they can totally eradicate pests? How I see it as long as there are human environments there will be rats, stoats, weasels and hedgehogs. They will go where ever they need to go to find food. As long as there are berries and eggs in the bush they will go there. Why did they go there in the first place? So I would love to know from doc what they really intend from they're assault on our back country with 1080. Do they naively think they can eradicate all threats to endemic bird life from 1080 alone. I personally believe the time of our endemic bird life may be over. This makes me sad but i am realistic about this. There are factors that don't involve predators that are far more detrimental to endemic birds. 1.Habitat. Birds had domain over these motu. Forest covered the land and where it didn't there was swamp land and grassland and no mammalian predation. Now there are minor islands of endemic flora surrounded by an ocean of rural pasture and urban centres. They are isolated to tiny patches. 2. The presence of introduced bird life far more adapted to human interaction and resource competitors . Sparrows, chaffinch, pigeons, blackbirds etc compete with food and habitat just as much as possums and cats. They keep our endemic birds stuck in they're islands of safety as much as anything else. Why are we blindly pushing ahead with this 1080 assault? What do we think it will really achieve. Should we start to deal with the fact that our fauna has changed and will never be what it was, what shall we do for our endemic bird life. Will they be nothing more than specimens confined to sanctuaries like mt Bruce and zealandia for us to study. What kind of studies have doc done on 1080 to our endemic bird life. Have they fed this stuff to kaka, kea and tui? 1080 is a cruel and horrible poison. It really is a horrible way to kill an animal. Is it really worth it. I don't think it is. I don't think it will have any impact on helping us protect our endemic bird life. And if it doesn't I think we should stop it so we don't needlessly put any animals be it deer, pig, possum or stoat through any needless suffering for no point. All these conservation departments have had negative impacts on our back country. They helped introduce these pests. They planted contorta. They do a lot of things that are incredible stupid and I believe 1080 is another chapter in that history.
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My comment about kaka, relates to the Tararuas. they are prolific in karori and pukaha, because of intensive control / eradication. ie stoats etc. also, the Tararuas is a good example of impacts of pest. species like kokako, kiwi, robins , whio etc became locally extinct long before 1080 was ever used kaka and other populations are decimated. all through predation or habitat destruction
Cheers t.hunter that's the kind of info I'm after.
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