Kaimanawa range in September

Hi We are heading to Kaimanawa range this Saturday, will be hiking on the middle range at 1600 meters, from Waipakihi hut to Thunderbolt. Does anybody know if there is a lot of snow/ice at the moment? May be someone has been there recently? I have called DOC, there are trying to find out, but haven't got back to me yet. Thank you
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@ Ericson Shared many great hut nights with some very skilled and experienced hunters; once you get them talking it's amazing how much detailed information they have about their hunting grounds. I've no problem with hunters at all. But come the roar ... I just give the bush a miss for a few weeks. Too many accidents. Pity because it's a nice time of year for tramping, but it only takes one bullet, nutter or not.
I think my point was missed. I have no problems with individuals, hunters included. In fact I have just got my gun license and am looking forward to stalking the deep dark corners of the tararua, ruahine and raukumara this summer. It was the Sika show in Taupo I was talking about. It's a huge event in the hunting world, like field days is to the rural community, my brother in law and his son were there. It's a place to show case all the latest toys in the hunting world. Stag head trophies are another big draw card. These types of events lead to one, a large amount of people, two a large amount of inspiration and excitement, and three my most important point a very easy access point to the kaimanawa a Sika hotspot. If I was from the city of sails and went to the Sika show you sure as heck would bet I would be popping into the kaimanawa for a night or two. So under those points I would definitely be wary about going into the heart of Sika country for that particular weekend. If only for huts full to the brim and a lack of solitude. Plus the chance of being mistaken for a trophy Sika .
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i know there are a lot of competent hunters, and i'm sure they are around that area, but most of the ones i've personally come across around there I'd give a wide berth... try using a hut where live ammunition is left on the cooking bench... i wouldnt rate the rest of their safety skills if thats how they behave. as someone said to me once when he walked out a hut with hunters in it, beam me up scotty theres no intelligent life in there. maybe most of the decent ones are out tenting it and not cluttering up huts...
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Started by Anya Bachkirova
On 26 September 2018
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