Hunter who shot his buddy can't avoid conviction

A man who shot his lifelong friend while on a hunting trip in the Kaimanawa Ranges faced a frantic - and ultimately successful - battle to save the other man's life.
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Where's my blue gear ?. Too many hunters blazing away without correctly idrntifying their target. Apparently flouro orange can look like "deer brown" in bad light. "Blue" is the unnatural colour.
Agree.In my opinion,blue is the colour of choice if you wish to be noticed/stand out in the bush.Deer being colour blind will be none the wiser,until they see movement.
in a dark forest you tend to become colour blind, it can be hard to tell what the real colout is, plenty of people been shot wearing high vis colours that were dulled down under a bush canopy, but still its a better bet than wearing brown, green or camo...

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Started by waynowski
On 14 September 2018
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