Good zipped rainproof pants?

I got the Macpac Hightail lightweight pants - at the time knowing I needed something with full-length zips to get the pants over boots -the hightails only have ankle zips - so off they go. I am gutted to find that the Outdoor Research Foray pants are showing up as "discontinued" world-wide - these pants have great reviews but for some reason it looks like they are being phased out?!?!? Anyone have any personal recommendations for something very waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable, with full-length zips to get over boots (and crampons if need be)?
various RAB but they are three quarter length.
I bought a pair of Marmot PreCip pants with full side zips for my daughter a few years ago. They have worked well. Marmot do a mens version as well
I tend to wear 3/4 length waterproof trousers these days, but still have pair of Berghaus Paclite waterproof trousers with a full length zip, nice and light, certainly waterprrof and breathable, and packaway neatly in a mesh sack Tell a lie, the zips are 3/4 length, put that's ample to put 'em on and take them off without needing to remove boots.
Thanks all - I might investigate the Berhaus. It turns out the Forays are coming back later in the year, but perhaps under a different name or with some manufacturing changes. They do appear to be the winners in terms of weight, durability, zip length (dealing with boots etc), and wind and rainproof-ness.
My partner Frank bought some full zip Earth Sea Sky overtrousers (Vent-X) 5 years ago and is pleased with them. They were on sale at $120.
Thanks Honora - I bought an ESS jacket at the recent welly sale, but couldnt also afford the pants they had there for about $200. I was lucky - someone returned a new pair of medium OR Foray pants to Bivoac (sp) after they didnt fit - tags still attached - so I got those. The ESS pants would have been another choice for me - but I would have had to wait till their next sale. The berghaus ones looked pretty good too actually. The OR pants have all the features I need plus have a lot of good reviews.

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Started by si-dog
On 28 August 2018
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