Tramper attacked by flying sheep in Ireland

No I'm not making this up, it was reported in the Herald today "At 1629hrs today, the team received a request for assistance from an injured walker. The male youth was walking with a group in the vicinity of the Hares Gap when hit by a sheep jumping from an adjacent crag,"
Quite believable Got to look out in sheep yards when they decide to start leaping about :)
"They don't fly so much as plummet".
Are we sure it was a sheep?
It might have been a drop-bear!
I was surprised by a young wild ram trying a similar thing on me when I was in the Central Hawkes Bay back country cutover bush. Luckily I managed to see it in my peripheral vision and side stepped then got behind a tree after being hit by a glancing blow. The ram came back for two more goes but copped a solid whack from a stick I picked up at each attempt. It then gave up and walked away. I was bruised for a week or so but not badly hurt. On another occasion a large billy jumped off a two meter or so high rock to try and butt me but I saw it coming and it missed. One whack with a stick and it left me alone.
World wide nearly 5 times as many people are killed by herbivorous animals than by carnivores.
>World wide nearly 5 times as many people are killed by herbivorous animals than by carnivores. I would disagree. Mosquitos are the most deadly animals to people, sucking peoples blood makes then carnivores I would think. The next most deadly animal to humans is probably other humans, most of whom are omnivores.

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On 23 August 2018
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