Sea To Summit X-Pot & X-Pot-Kettle anybody ?.

Billy & kettle about the same weight as my anodised aluminium pairing, but way less packing volume.
I've used these (and the fry pan) for the last two years. They work really well and as you say pack down to a really small size. The set I bought had an issue with the lid material which meant they warped and cracked after a while - Bivouac Outdoor replaced them for me under warranty.
Thanks. An American reviewer had probs with the lids too, but StS are said to have solved that now. Good service from Bivouac tho. No worries with being heated over flame burner or on a stove top then ?. (edited for spelling)
How does that possibly handle an open flame
They don't handle an open fire and they tell you that on the box. A gas burner flame is quite different in that the flame part is fairly small and it's only hot air that travels out along the metal base then up over the silicone sides. Silicone has quite a high melting point, it's used for oven bakeware. Cool idea for making a more compact billy, although my billy is usually filled with other stuff anyway (fuel can, stove, food) when packed.
Thanks nzbazza & Guys. I've had close shaves with cookers being heated off-centre & plastic coated handles copping some heat. Was wondering about the inverted pyramid shape & side handles of their pot, but sounds all good.
Bivouac had a "20% off" promotion. Scored the kettle/pot combo, which was already cheaper than buying each seperately. Kettle sits flat inside the flattened pot. For the record, as a guide, if you pop-up the kettle to it's first height 500ml is up to the bottom edge of the pourer spout. Probably want to fill a bit more, up to the handle rivets, to allow for steam loss ?. (If that's all you want to boil at one time.) Permanent marker pen doesn't show through to the inside if you highlight the measurement markings already embossed.

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Started by Pro-active
On 13 August 2018
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