Divide to Mckellar Saddle

Have the upper Caples hunting block Mid September and was wondering how long the walk would be from the Divide carpark to the saddle. I'm guessing about 3 hrs,does this sound about right? Cheers
as long as you're reasonably fit
Yup, 3 hours. 1 hour to Howden hut, +1h to Greenstone/Caples track junction, + 45-60min to the saddle.
Yarmoss thank you that was exactly how I had broken it down too
No worries. Out of interest, where exactly does the upper Caples hunting block cover? Is it this? https://www.doc.govt.nz/Documents/parks-and-recreation/hunting/otago/ot-rec-huntingmaps-upper-caples-rha.pdf
Yes that is it ,and it's open hunting all way from the divide to the saddle.

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Started by Yulzman
On 29 July 2018
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