Man who shot Kaimai hunter blinded by stag fever

Quentin Mccreedy was gripped by the thrill of "stag fever" when he lined up and shot another hunter, in the mistaken belief he was about to bag a deer. Mccreedy, 37, of Waitoa, was sentenced to six months of community detention when he appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Friday charged with causing the death of Douglas Leech by carelessly using a firearm, namely a Tikka T3 hunting rifle.
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"during the roar the odds of being shot increase exponentially and may well surpass the risk of being killed in a car crash" Could be, Waynowski, never thought about it much don't know, either, the ratio of unintentional shootings versus active hunters. compared to vehicle incidents versus drivers with either, some people will always be reckless. it will continue   
I'm no hunter but I'd imagine that to confuse a stag with a human you would have to be taking a bit of a hopeful shot in the first place. A huge part of the problem must be hunters who feel under time pressure, are not skilled enough at getting into a good position, and taking shots where the target is obscured or not seen long enough to be absolutely certain what it is you are looking at. On the occasions I've seen deer in the bush it was crystal clear what I was looking at. It seems to me the only way you'd confuse this with a human is when you take the shot in a hurry with marginal visibility.
its the brain trying to join the dots and fill in the gaps when they see what they think is part of a deer, they often think they know which part of the deer they are looking at... they want to see a deer and our brains are wanting to recognise objects we see when we cant really see enough of the object to correctly make a decision.. they need to train people and show them how they can mistake one object for another, fleece can look like a deer pelt... in low light you dont see things in the true colour, one of the first aspects of vision you loose in low light is colour.
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