GPS Routes and tracks

Hi guys. Do you know where I can get online routes and tracks for New Zealand that I can upload in my watch(garmin fenix 5x) or in any other GPS device such like an Inreach ? Where do you usually go to get those files? For example (just an example) if I want to get Dusky track routes gps route...where should I go online? G.
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There's a lot here on this site Someone has done a lot of work, well done! There's another NZ website which does it too, I'll find it eventually.
Madpom has his fantastic site but it seems to be down right now. From GPSies The Te Araroa trail
Thanks James! Really appreciate your help.
FYI Routeguides website back up
Cell phone apps ?. Thru wifi, you can download and cache chunks of NZ Topo Map for offline use. Thru wifi, you can download and cache chunks of Google Maps for a months offline use. Sign in to your Google account to download. Once you have it you can zoom in or out & toggle between Terrain or Satellite view. "Locate Me" functions work offline off GPS signals. Both these apps are free.
Android location service uses many things to pinpoint you. Even with the gps off it still manages to track you in urban areas from wifi ssids. Even with wifi off it trys cell towers to triangulate you. It can see other company towers even though it cant conect so it gets twice as many as you woould think. How does google know where a wifi hot spot is? When someone with gps on goes past google records the ssids and the gps of the strongest signal. On a tablet that did not have gps google had me within 30 meters. None of this will work in the bush unless you use gps in which case you are lucky to get a day out of a battery
Heavier kit than a paper map, but some people use them. Solar mobile powerbank - can also be line-charged If you're just re-locating sparingly, could be handy for some ?. You wouldn't bush-bash by cellphone, surely ?. Tho, I did hike to Luxmore Hut with someone who took & sent 22 txt on the go. Not so much the next few days.

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