Cameron Creek,Makaroara

Just wondering if anyone can comment on walking times to the hut. The Doc site says 4-5hrs but Moirs guide says 6 up 5 down. As I'm sure is often the case with many of you I generally go under the times stated by doc on the track signs so was kinda hoping the 4hrs would be about the time to expect. Thanks in advance for any info.
I day tripped to that hut back in 2015 when there was light snow on the ground and there was a lot of frost in the shady bits. That trip took 3hrs each way just carrying a day pack. (I was in my late 50's back then. The DOC times should be very achievable even with a multi day pack)
Takes me 2hr45. Which would give a signposted 'typical user' time of about 4-5 hrs. Note that the river crossing is impassable adter rain so watch your forecast.
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Hey glennj and madpom thanks heaps for the input,this makes me confident of a 3-4hr time with a smoko break of 15mins. Thanks for the advice on river crossing madpom,is there anywhere you haven't been Haha.I saw that story of yours on the TV that time,absolutely amazing/inspiring. I must say I am a little surprised the Moirs guide time is so out of whack as when I have compared to DOC times they are generally under and closer to my pace which gives me a good idea. Cheers Here's a picture of the crossing. There had been no rain that day. I recall a time of 2 hours 30 mins to the hut but i pushed it a bit. That was for an overnighter.
When I went in it was mid winter so I took spare sacrificial footwear with me and changed in and out of them just for the creek crossing. It added a bit of time but in this instance was worth it because of the low temperatures, snow and icyness of shady areas. Yulzman that is something worth considering doing. (I wouldn't bother in warmer conditions)
Thanks for the pic aardvark. Yes glennj I would take a pair of gymies for this as I need dry boots for winter hunting.

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Started by Yulzman
On 2 July 2018
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