Location movie Hunt for the wilderpeople

Hi folks! Does anyone know the locations of this great movie?(I'm sure you do...) There is one particular place that really interest me..which is the top of the mountains where the uncle and little kid fight about the words to use the beauty..."pretty majestical or majestic"...with a big lake in front of them. Does anyone knows What I'm talking about it ?
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@ Wayno Yeah ... you're not the only one who's had that thought.
Ehy wayno do you think that The lord of the rings or any other type of movies really changed or help the economic situation of kiwi's ? Especially in place like Queenstown...I mean,how was central otago or Queenstown as well before the LOTR ?
beore lord of the rings movies, NZ was less overrun by freedom campers who dump their rubbish and go to the oilet in public places all over the countryside and leave used toilet paper blowing around in the wind, same as they do on the tongariro crossing and on a lot of tramping routes now. something that happens far more frequently than it used to happen when i started tramping 35 years ago.... money is not everything and we are better off without those peoples money if they do this to our country, NZ did fine before lord f the rings movie, now the country is worse, only a few people make lots of money from tourists the rest of NZ infrastructure is overloaded by tourists. more is not necessarily better. and in this case it is worse
To me it seems the LOTR craze it probably just a small factor with a major NZ marketing campaign combined with more accessible global long-haul travel. International tourism has been rising globally, so we aggressively tell people they should visit and they do, but even if we didn't a lot more probably would. https://www.statista.com/statistics/209349/forecast-number-of-international-tourist-arrivals-worldwide-by-region/ LOTR is one excuse we give people to come here and it's an easy go-to excuse people say when asked, but if it wasn't LOTR it'd be something else.
surveys still show a reasonale percentage of tourists are here because of lord of the rings and hobbit movies and various other movies, the latest mission impossible movie was shot aroudn qtown "Middle Earth push still working for NZ after 15 years says tourism agency" https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11763151
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