1 in 300 trampers injured themselves last year

Health and safety looking at tramping https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/104923204/extensive-report-delves-deep-into-kiwi-tramping-incident-data I suppose no real surprises in the causes and types of injury but in perspective HVTC is just short of 300 members so should expect an injury every year. Same for other similar size clubs
The data and one of the sub headings indicate a seven year historical data base, but further on in the article it is stated to be a ten year study already that throws doubt on much of what has been reported. However assuming that the information is generally correct the findings are not exactly unexpected. Walking the back country is completely different to walking the street as you constantly need to watch where you place your feet in the wild. Just look at the percentages of slips falls etc. We all know it, we have probably all had it happen at sometime, momentary lapse foot in the wrong place whoops! The worrying part is that Health and Safety is looking at tramping. I am just picturing some idealistic public servant proclaiming more signs need to be erected to warm people out and about of the dangers that they face. signs with large arrows pointing to exposed tree roots, warning of mud ahead, slippery surfaces, inclines, beware of wind and that just to avid the tramper in front of you. Do not linger you ma be attacked by an aggressive weta, do not eat the possums from traps, beware of falling trees. But wait, think of the benefits and the number of jobs that would be created. They would need at least 2000 people a year erecting signs and replacing damaged ones. A whole new economy would be created within the country. People growing trees specially designed to make signs, mills to mill the timber, designers, artists, painters. Oh! What a wonderful environment we will create. There are some instances where I think some people should stick to their knitting.
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Worth a look - thanks for the link, geeves. Ever the sceptic, I wonder how was the figure of 1.5 million walkers in 2017 estimated? Does that pass the 'reasonable' test? on average 4,100 trampers across the Country per day throughout the year? And in the nitpicking category; Twisted ankle/knee 19% is listed as a Cause of Injury - surely it's the result of an injury, not a cause. It makes a pretty graph but Falls 17%, Slips 38%, Trips 13% - how do they separate these causes? Should just be Falls 68% One thing to note in the next discussion about SaR, costs and Tourists is that 70% of SaR operations involved a Kiwi. edit : you beat me by a few minutes, frankb, but we're on the same page 🤔
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cant find where to download it?
That is such a low number of injuries, thought it would of been a lot higher. Guess not many people report them.
Stats from requiring Doctors visits. Therefore, as you surmised, undercounting of injury ?. Dilution of stats if you count the FaceTube herd as trampers. Then again, how many of the masses are exposed to ice/avalanche incidents ?. If someone does 2 or 25 trips in a summer, do they still count as 1 tramper ?. Multiple days on Te Araroa Trail = 1 tramper ?. Half a dozen partying Czechs looking for an easy overnighter vs a mid-winter multi-day alpining couple ?. The MSC report might have more detail.
@TararuaHunter, it hasn't been released yet. Stuff received an advance copy.

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