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G'day All Hoping to do another tramp in Feb 2019, and it occurred to me that it would be silly not to tap into the collective knowledge of this site to get some suggestions before I start planning As some background, my NZ tramping experience so far is as follows (pretty much in the order I walked them) 1. Great Walks - Milford, Routeburn, Kepler 2. Beginners walks - Taranaki (AMC), Tongariro (AMC), Rees Dart 3. Tramps - 5 passes > Lake Nerine > Routeburn > Caples (11 days) - Gillespie Pass > Wilkin > Rabbit pass > Matukituki > Cascade Saddle > Dart (11 days) - Wander around Nelson Lakes (9 days) I find that I am happiest while off the beaten track away from the tourist hordes (not sure I'm allowed to say that since I am one of them). Ideally the tramp would be around 11 days. Hills are not a problem. One thing to note is that I've spent my life in the subtropics, so my experience with snow and ice is almost 0. All suggestions welcome. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Moh
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@madpom: yes, yet to go beyond Worsley Pass. I've nearly been there from the Koropuku though. Involves climbing up near-vertical forest and going up and down alongside chasms looking for a way across!
Hi mikiejhinton. Thanks for the advice & encouragement. Funnily enough, I considered doing an alpine course 4-5 years ago to expand my reach (so to speak), but none of my usual tramping companions were interested in taking things to the next level, so I put it on hold and decide to concentrate on tramping instead. 11 day limit is imposed by the family :) 2 weeks (every 2-3 years) is the most I'm allowed to be away from home wandering around NZ. I'd happily make it longer and more frequent if allowed, but if I am honest with myself, it is unlikely to change anytime soon, so I just take what I can & enjoy it. Cheers, Moh.
Just a follow up to say thanks to all those who made suggestions. Flights and accommodation are now booked. Kahurangi NP was the winner. 14 days on the trails, starting at Boulder lake and ending at Rolling River Junction. Feb can't arrive soon enough! Cheers, Moh.
Hi All. I just wanted to say thanks again to all who helped plan my tramp through Kahurangi 14 days and just over 250km in total. Weather was good (some would say hot), but not everything went to plan when the soles of my boots 90% delaminated half way through day 3! Despite the setback, I still managed to complete the full 14 days and the majority of the route I was planning, only skipping a few of the more technical sections to keep the boots alive a bit longer. Final route walked was Day 1 - Road end to Boulder lake Day 2 - Boulder lake to Adelaide Tarn Day 3 - Adelaide tarn to tarns just east of Anatoki peak Day 4 - Anatoki Peak to Lonely Lake Day 5 - Lonely lake to Fenella Hut Day 6 - Mt Gibbs- round lake loop in the morning, then down the Cobb to Trilobite hut Day 7 - Trilobite Hut to Sylvester Lodge Day 8 - Gordon's Pyramid to Mt Arthur, then back to Sylvester via Flora Hut and the cool rock shelters Day 9 - Sylvester Lodge to Crow Hut Day 10 - Crow Hut to Thor Hut Day 11 - Thor Hut to Biggs Tops Day 12 - Biggs Tops to Courthouse Flats Day 13 - Courthouse flats to Granity Pass, then up to Mt Owen in the afternoon Day 14 - Granity pass to Rolling River Junction. Highlight of the trip would be camping at the tarns just east of Anatoki Peak. The sun was setting to the west as a full moon was rising to the east. It was pretty special. Also, a special thank you to Chris and Sheridan for the duct tape :) I'll not bore you with what would be a very long and dry trip report, but I'm happy to elaborate on any particular section if people are interested to know more detail. Thanks again, Moh,
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Thanks for the update - glad your weather was better than my 10-day Tassie trip (day 1 had snow & 8/10 rain days - all while the bushfires continue). Did you enjoy the Dragons Teeth? Don't be shy to post a few pics.
As it turned out, I did enjoy the Dragons Teeth. It's nice to have a challenge like the Teeth to rise to, almost like meeting someone for the first time that you've admired from a distance. If I am completely honest, technically it was easier than I was expecting, however a big heavy pack & my boot failure did add a few extra challenges with the high steps and tight scrub when climbing up to Anatoki ridge. Lots of exposure. Navigationally it was more challenging. Despite the track work that has been done by Warwick Briggs, I still managed to miss a critical turn. Thanks to some false cairns and a good footpad well past the turn, it took some time (and a scrabble up a significant cliff) to work out where I went wrong. I was pretty annoyed at myself until I realised that the tape at the critical turn I missed was obscured by vegetation from my direction of travel. In the end it worked out in my favour because the lost time meant that I camped at the tarns below Anatoki Peak, which turned out to be the highlight of the trip. I'll post some trip pics when I work out how to (advice welcome) :) Cheers, Moh,
Hit the MENU button (top right), hit PHOTOGRAPHS and then ADD YOURS! and fill in the info. It's worth the effort to geo-locate the photo so others know where it is (or was taken from, or both)
Thanks @bernieq. A very small selection of photos now uploaded.
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