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G'day All Hoping to do another tramp in Feb 2019, and it occurred to me that it would be silly not to tap into the collective knowledge of this site to get some suggestions before I start planning As some background, my NZ tramping experience so far is as follows (pretty much in the order I walked them) 1. Great Walks - Milford, Routeburn, Kepler 2. Beginners walks - Taranaki (AMC), Tongariro (AMC), Rees Dart 3. Tramps - 5 passes > Lake Nerine > Routeburn > Caples (11 days) - Gillespie Pass > Wilkin > Rabbit pass > Matukituki > Cascade Saddle > Dart (11 days) - Wander around Nelson Lakes (9 days) I find that I am happiest while off the beaten track away from the tourist hordes (not sure I'm allowed to say that since I am one of them). Ideally the tramp would be around 11 days. Hills are not a problem. One thing to note is that I've spent my life in the subtropics, so my experience with snow and ice is almost 0. All suggestions welcome. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Moh
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@madpom: yes, yet to go beyond Worsley Pass. I've nearly been there from the Koropuku though. Involves climbing up near-vertical forest and going up and down alongside chasms looking for a way across!
Hi mikiejhinton. Thanks for the advice & encouragement. Funnily enough, I considered doing an alpine course 4-5 years ago to expand my reach (so to speak), but none of my usual tramping companions were interested in taking things to the next level, so I put it on hold and decide to concentrate on tramping instead. 11 day limit is imposed by the family :) 2 weeks (every 2-3 years) is the most I'm allowed to be away from home wandering around NZ. I'd happily make it longer and more frequent if allowed, but if I am honest with myself, it is unlikely to change anytime soon, so I just take what I can & enjoy it. Cheers, Moh.
Just a follow up to say thanks to all those who made suggestions. Flights and accommodation are now booked. Kahurangi NP was the winner. 14 days on the trails, starting at Boulder lake and ending at Rolling River Junction. Feb can't arrive soon enough! Cheers, Moh.
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Started by Moh_Oz
On 22 June 2018
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