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G'day All Hoping to do another tramp in Feb 2019, and it occurred to me that it would be silly not to tap into the collective knowledge of this site to get some suggestions before I start planning As some background, my NZ tramping experience so far is as follows (pretty much in the order I walked them) 1. Great Walks - Milford, Routeburn, Kepler 2. Beginners walks - Taranaki (AMC), Tongariro (AMC), Rees Dart 3. Tramps - 5 passes > Lake Nerine > Routeburn > Caples (11 days) - Gillespie Pass > Wilkin > Rabbit pass > Matukituki > Cascade Saddle > Dart (11 days) - Wander around Nelson Lakes (9 days) I find that I am happiest while off the beaten track away from the tourist hordes (not sure I'm allowed to say that since I am one of them). Ideally the tramp would be around 11 days. Hills are not a problem. One thing to note is that I've spent my life in the subtropics, so my experience with snow and ice is almost 0. All suggestions welcome. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Moh
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There's also the North West Circuit and the Southern Circuit on Stewart Island. You can create 11 day circuits by landing in Mason Bay or Freshwater Landing and doing the Southern then the Northern Circuit from those points as a figure of 8 circuit.
We enjoyed the Hollyford/Pyke in June but a summer tramp would have advantages.7-10 days,nothing alpine,in fact low level.You might get waylaid in rain(tucked up between rivers) in the Pyke.We took 18 days but that's another story.
Yeah North West Circuit on Stewart Island is a classic one, deserted beaches, massive sand dunes and scenic inland paths, and a good chance of getting away from the crowds. On the must do list is the Dusky Track.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to my list of tramps to research. Cheers, Moh.
Hi All. Me again. Still getting through all of the suggestions. So far, the ones that are appealing the most (in no particular order) 1. Kahurangi NP - Douglas Range (top route weather permitting) > Cobb Valley > Yet to decide. I figure I would need to allow 4 days for the range and Cobb Valley + 2 extra days for bad weather if I really want to do the top route across the Dragon's Teeth. That still leave 5 days to fill (or 7 if I do not get delayed by weather). I've read that the Leslie Karma Track is meant to be a classic walk, but the photos I've seen & descriptions I've read are not really exciting me. I suspect I would rather walk the Heaphy and then link it up with Douglas Range. Possibly via the Clarke river + Clarke Peak, but not sure how feasible that would be? 2. Arthurs Pass - 3 passes > Yet to decide Once again, 4 days + 2 extra for bad weather for the 3 passes section of the route. Compared to Kahurangi, there seems to be more adventure to be had in the surrounding valleys and tops to fill in the extra days, however, tramping seems to be a bit more susceptible to bad weather (always a concern when you are only in NZ for a short time). Keen to hear what extensions people have done to the 3 passes section. 3. A revisit to Otago. I was thinking of maybe Lake Unknown, Lake Nerine, Sepentine range, Darran Mountains. Having a bit of trouble determining if there is a tramping route through the Darrans from Lake Marian to Moraine Ck track. It seems the Moirs South is pretty much unavailable to buy (does anyone know where I can get a copy) When I start to really think about it, I guess my preference is leaning towards slightly more challenging known routes. I don't mind walking down valleys, as long as I pop up above the treeline a least one every few days. Any comments on the above are welcome. Cheers, Moh.
Douglas Range is certainly a good tramp (obligatory warning about Dragons Teeth high route). From Waingaro Peak, you have 3 choices - continue along the Lockett Range and drop off to Trilobite Hut (2 days); head down to Fenella Hut and continue down the Cobb Valley to Trilobite (1 day); down to Fenella and back up onto the Peel Range and along (some gnarly bits) to Lake Peel (2.5+ days). From there, past Sailsbury Lodge and up over Gordons Pyramid and Mt Arthur. Then (depending on how the time is going) down the Ellis Valley; along the Arthur Range and out via the Baton River (either down Loveridge Ridge or continue to Baton Saddle). Agree, Leslie-Karemea would be a bit tame after the Douglas. I have read a report of coming in over Clark Peak - hard country. Alternative to starting from Aorere Valley is to come up the Anatoki River to Adelaide Tarn (or to Boulder Lake - add a day).
Thanks for the suggestions @bernieq. After reading some tramping reports, I'm actually thinking that (time permitting) it would be quite nice to do both the Lockett Range and the Peel Range. From Waingaro Peak, walk the Lockett, drop down to Trilobite through the bush, and then head back up valley to Fenella Hut, and then along the Peel Range and out via the Ellis Valley route you mention. I may have to add a day or two to my trip, but I think it would be worth it! Since I would be doing an 'S', It also gives me a huge amount of route flexibility at the end of the trip if things did not go to plan. Thanks again, Moh
The Darrans aren’t trampers mountains, I’m afraid. The only tracks are Lake Marrian, Gertrude Saddle, and Morrain Creek. There is a high altitude, extremely vertical “route” between Lake Adelaide (top of Morrain Creek) and Gertrude Saddle but it is borderline mountaineering... a slip anywhere along most of the route would be fatal. There are no routes out of Lake Marrian which don’t involve a rope. People have died slipping on ice just going to Gertrude Saddle from the Homer Tunnel. Lake Unknown/Lake Nerine/Serpentines is something I would recommend however. Some buddies and I attempted it a couple of years ago, but didn’t do the Unknown part due to weather. I want to head back sometime in the next year or so to give it another crack. IMO it would be easiest to approach Unknown from Park Pass, and it’s easiest to walk the Serpentines north->south. Looking at a map you will see this causes logistics problems, so you would have to do one of them the harder way. The northern end of the Serpentines would be extremely dangerous in poor visibility or wind/rain so pick your weather window! But it is fantastic country!
Hi Yarmoss Thanks for the info on he Darrans (I suspected as much) & the recommendation. I agree that it is fantastic country. This is fast becoming a series of bucket-list tramps :) Cheers, Moh.
... and the list ironically never gets smaller, only longer. Your CV suggests you're heading in the direction (at a sensible pace) towards upping the challenge. Whilst I can attest to the trip suggestions others have given, without the transalpine and navigation skills you're limited to what they could suggest and where I sense you want to be. I say this in the resemblance of your CV to how most of us started. Funnily enough, my bucket list often came from asking the 'old timers' their top five. If it is, use Feb to seek the alpine skills. Presumably, you're based in Oz and don't have access to tramping clubs, snowy slopes etc. My advice is seek a partner whom has the knowledge (NZ), a Master and apprentice approach. Get to a point whereby you can look at a map and compile your own trips picking the best parts from others and learned limitations, e.g. forums, Moirs guides, permolat group, early pakeha explorers (Douglas, Harper, Fyffe), tramping books etc. Then come back to ask MadPom re trip ideas notably because they are often epic and take you to some special vastly remote places (and because I've ticked most of them off and need fresh ideas!). He needs enticing back to the Mainland! But there are many more as no mere mortal could ever tick them all off. Sorry to say, with the skill set, you'll go to your grave (or be busted up trying) having never finished the bucket list! Don't limit yourself to 11 days, definitely do the 3 passes, Lake Adelaide (Darrans) and eyeball giffords crack but like Yarmoss warned, be prepared to back out Morraine Ck from where you came.
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