An incoming Tourist Tax

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Apparently it's all go now. Most international visitors (Australia and most Pacific Island Forum countries exempt) will be required to pay between $25 and $35, with the rate still to be set. It'll be collected through a new Electronic Travel Authority. This essentially means that those visitors will probably need to visit a website prior to leaving home, and pay the amount, or something like that.
Like any funding, so long as it gets used for the purpose intended ie infratructure (toilets) that aren't the burden of the ratepayer. Pretty sure I pay Tourist Tax upfront in other countries ?. Palmerston North has a 'get out of town' departure tax collected at the airport.
I'm sure someone's going to produce a couple of spreadsheet rows at some point to prove that this revenue's being spent on tourism facilities and conservation.
Quite frankly it will amount to a do nothing tax. It is insufficient for the desired result. Plus too many hands will be in the pot. By the time it begins to flow the government will be diverting it to pay for areas in which they have overspent. At a minimum they needed to set a $100 tax preferably $150. Government would still be dipping their sticky fingers into it along with all the other pseudo quangos arguing about where there share might be, but with a little bit of luck there would perhaps be sufficient at this level to see some arrive where it is sorely needed. Once again the government has put a milk sop tax in place that is worth next to nothing and doesn't come any where near enough to makes a difference.
Don't hold your breath on the spreadsheets @izogi
Rural health services should get a slice of proposed tourist levy, GPs say
Yeah !. Don't forget property developers who are freaking out at the requirement to develop tourist accomodation. They should be getting a slice too. Too many snouts sniffing at this trough.
Wow. I figured everyone would be leaping up to try and grab a slice, but hadn't considered that one of those groups might be looking to fund something that the Ministry of Health should probably be doing.
Palmerston North has a 'get out of town' departure tax collected at the airport. If any other city tried to charge this people would stay
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@geeves - Tru dat !. Still doesn't keep them in.
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